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  1. Sunwell Plateau is only 25n-man raid, switching to other difficulty does nothing. I've got Thori'dal at my first run on retail, it's all about luck. (drop chance around 1% or lower) @Aneraxz
  2. As we won't get timewalking dungeons and there is no ETA for them. @Jessuh Reins of the Infinite Timereaver
  3. About Legion Feral Druids Can you select any skin for cat with different artefact combo or they're still race based? (Example: you're stuck with same model and you can only change color)
  4. Just because someone doesn't like to level up at 1x rate doesn't make them "Lazy". Some people love PvE or PvP but they don't like leveling (or they don't have time to), simple as that. I would gladly do any TBC dungeon than repeating same quests I've done 999x times while leveling.
  5. Press "Enter World" and speak with Boris npc, he will give you boost (If promotion didn't expire).
  6. Try to log-in with username you've put into registration field and your normal account password. @PrismB
  7. For logging in, players have to add their Legacy username on the Account Management page first. This username will be used as login on the TBC client.
  8. Hello @rootsigunn! That would be World channel, type /Join world.
  9. Welcome back @lauphingdragon!
  10. It is for new TBC 2.4.3 realm since in TBC you don't log-in with email and password yet with username - password. Link
  11. It will be a new server / realm.
  12. Welcome!
  13. Grommash - Alliance - 2 guilds 6/10 BRF in top 30 and one of them is Russian. Wouldnt say that there is too much choice for International / English realm. Welcome @Critically! Nice video
  14. 1. As far as I know It's working as intended (I'm not pvp player, don't take this 100%). 2. PvP, spells / talents are mostly working. They only tweak damage and fix some minor things. 3. Personally I'm never lagging. Rare thing to happen here. 4. All level 1 garrison buildings are working except "Menagerie" and "Gladiators Sanctum". Let's say level 2 buildings are 40% scripted / working. You can find progress here. 5. Classes are working properly, as I already said^^ only damage fixes, buffs & nerfs. 6. If you're playing PvE, it will be hard to find good guild as only few of them exist. 7. WoD have weekly changelogs, you can find them here. 8. It is blizzlike, no custom content. 9. N/A 10. Server is not pay to win. Shop have mostly lower ilvl items, example 640ilvl while in-game (pve) you can get 670+ or pvp 700+ (in combat). All items which are in shop are also obtainable in-game.
  15. You can't delete your current character to get lvl boost on other one, It's a "one time offer".