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  1. Why this month wod has had a hotfix update while mop no? Someone knows why this?
  2. Guys i've noticed that most of the spanish and international realm on mop or wod doesn't work, they works only the french one... What is happening... who has logged in before of the problem doesn't have problem, but now many people have this problem of the account stucked to "Retreiving character list"
  3. Thanks per questo exe
  4. Both, isiride horde, rioly alliance
  5. the feast is finished, simon says go to home or i'll explode your ball!
  6. D: omg... Thank u now i'm scared more
  7. Give a heart to this man!
  8. There is a evil aura around you
  9. Perchè sempre sta ambizione di creare nuove gilde e farne piccole di 5-6 membri? .-.
  10. Yeah, it changes only that in a pvp realm your pvp flas is always actived in comtested territory, in pve is your chose
  11. I speak italian and english, i use english on server because no one understand me if i speak in italian. So everyone learn to speak in english because it's an international language that the 90% of population try to learn. Now if you want that i learn also spanish, you must learn also italian u.u.. Why must i learn 3 languages and you only two? I don't force you to learn english but don't force me to learn spanish u.u saludos amigo <3