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  1. Latency in heroic antorus as well, 2k ms lag spikes while fighting bosses
  2. I actually don't want bfa, I think legion is the pinnacle of this game so far. When they release an old gods expansion that might change
  3. Yeah the memory errors happen if you use garrison hearthstone to Lunarfall (dont do it). I havent run into other places it happens yet maybe just make auto-unstuck to whoever accidentally goes there? (like when someone logs off at a different class' hall) PS i went to draenor later normally without it happening on some of my other toons, its just lunarfall that causes it
  4. Guys, i got client via battlnet, copied folder over and everything was fine... and i checked out many zones, did world quests, all worked well.. but then i decided to use garrison hearthstone to get to draenor, and suddenly client starts crashing; i can log into any character that is not in draenor.... so how do we unstuck in ptr?? thanks. this toon is stuck in shadowmoon valley, every time i try logging in to that location it gives me a memory leak error
  5. 7.1.5 simulationcraft result (profile copied from addon client side)
  6. Yeah I enjoy the DH class, and it's a pity that the low dps issues that plagued ret paladin in WoD are on DH now. I've run my character through simulationcraft, and with the gear i've got (2 lege, various 860-875 items and trinkets, 890 weapon (850,860,875 relics), I ought to be doing 635k DPS. However, the dps in-game is all over the place - it can drop down to 180k, then suddenly jump up to 400k, maximum i've seen is like 655k -- and this fluctuation seems to happen upon joining and parting groups/raid, moving from one zone/world quest phase of broken isles to another, entering mm+ dungs and then teleporting out at finish or leaving instance. In mm+, consecutively i was able to do a +8 dung with zero problems, dps was 480k, then the following also +8 but different dung i would be getting the boot from group for doing barely 245k. My play style, talents and rotation have been the same in both dungs. The best way for me to stop this yo-yo effect is by switching talents back and forth, re-equiping weapon and legendaries, throwing myself off the cliff or let myself get killed by mobs; upon respawning my dmg would be back to 550k dps, and so on. With spells the biggest issues for me seem to be: 1) Nemesis - not only does it not have the after-effect that it should, but upon expiry it would reduce overall dps output to below the level it was before it was cast, the more it's being cast the worse the dmg 2) Chaos burn - at say trait 46 we ought to be doing 10% more overall dmg, which isn't happening because it's been disabled (i understand disabling it for pvp, but not pve) 3) Demon Blades - this has a miss rate of 75%, dropping overall dps to 100k once it starts missing 5 times in a row. 4) Chaos strike has stopped dealing the dmg it should due to crit stat being depreciated, relics and chaos burn do very little to help It seems like a fair bit to do, but i can remember some of the mentioned spells used to work a number of months ago
  7. deleted WTF, deleted cache folder.... black screen just as the others
  8. Yes, looks like current launcher cannot update client 6.1.2 folder, some report that it allows version 6.0.3 (19116) to be updated but not the one Ashran used
  9. I think i understand what he tried to say... put it in blank folder and have it start downloading, the quit, paste over data files from 6.1.2 and run it to re-check again, and then it should work... is that right?