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  1. Yeah it's all cool... Still waiting for someone to answer that burning question of this century
  2. well said Brother. but not to be rude or anything that doesn't answer our question xDD
  3. If you want to be rude about this then you should leave lol cause I ain't got time for your bs I don't think that Yall understand... I do not want to copy or migrate from other realms... I'm asking if they will give 110lvl boost. Like they did in Retail WoW.
  4. I already read about the Transfers... We are all new and never played on here so that means that we don't have any toons lvl 110 or smth like that. So I'm wondering if they will give us a boost from lvl 1 to lvl 110 when the server drops or do we need to lvl up from scratch
  5. Hello! Me and couple of my friends want to know if we will get lvl 110 boost? or will we start from lvl 1 when the new server drops? imo (that's only my opinion) You should give everyone atleast 1 lvl110 boost to enjoy BFA server drop