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  1. Locked and archived due to being in the wrong section of the forums.
  2. This topic is locked and archived. This isn't a Blizz-like server nor ever will be. As Onken mentioned, you must be wary on your purchases before confirming the purchase. This is why we have the option of confirming your cart before purchase. Insulting others for your ignorance doesn't make the solution appear any faster. The items bought are character specific. There is nothing we can do to allow them to appear to other characters via your account. If you require assistance either submit a ticket in-game or through technical support here. http://us.forum.firestorm-servers.com/index.php?/forms/ Regards, Executive Game Master Ooutah
  3. Locked and denied, these issues should be reported to our bug tracker so the developers can work towards fixing these issues. Please report them here https://firestorm-servers.com/us/report/index
  4. Locked and denied. You can advertise via world chat for others to queue in rated battlegrounds.
  5. Locked and denied as the purpose of learning each locations flight path is for explore the world.
  6. Locked and denied due to this idea already being discussed about possible implementation. You can read up on this at
  7. Locked and denied as this item and many more are obtainable through dungeons.
  8. Locked and forwarded.
  9. Locked and denied as the events are currently being fixed.
  10. Locked and denied due to being able to be obtained in-game currently.
  11. Locked and denied due this item being obtained through professions.
  12. Locked and denied due to already being placed in the shop.
  13. Suggestion has been forwarded.
  14. Suggestion has been forwarded.
  15. Suggestion has been forwarded.