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  1. What about fixing achievements, old world quests and content? Or Draenor (Tanaan too) in general (objects, quests, achievements and so on)? One old world quest in particular that comes to my mind is The Day that Deathwing Came which I played on retail and which I think is a really, really funny quest that everyone should be able to play at least once. Old content might not be a good option for high level players, but I think it would give new players a better feeling about the server: when I first played here WoD was so bugged it was almost impossible to play, so I had to come back like 1 year later.
  2. Nevermind, the transfer fixed this problem.
  3. If I change to Gul'dan I get a "Character rename failed" error.
  4. Got the same problem
  5. Why I can't use special characters like " è " or " ë " anymore? My old names had those characters in and now I can't use my names :\
  6. Hello. The other day I logged in on my character and I discovered that one of my equipped bags was missing, and everything inside it as well. Today the same thing happened, even though this time my loss was much greater (considering the items that were inside that bag). Any idea on how did this happen and how can I get my stuff back? I'm 100% sure that I haven't deleted my bags.
  7. I downloaded the client from the old Ashran Launcher. Anyway, I'll try to redownload it from, just to be sure. Thanks for the help.
  8. So... What do I have to do to be able to play? Flag the threat as false positive or what?
  9. Yeah, but... As I've already said I can't open the Launcher.
  10. Works if I disable Avast. Shall I flag the objects that Avast find as false positives? Is it safe?
  11. Sorry but the language of my pc is Italian... Anyway I don't think it's a problem, is it?
  12. Both Firestorm Launcher and Wow.exe are already allowed.
  13. If I use the Launcher I get the "Network Unreachable" and Avast pops up with another Threat Blocked warning.
  14. Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit Character Name: Rhoby Error Info (If there is one): CAS system unable to initialize: Error downloading versions data from patch service Description of problem: The other day, when I started WoD, this error popped up, followed by 10 Avast warnings that a malicious URL was been blocked. Nothing changed in my computer: the day before I was playing with no issue at all. Out of the 10 warnings I get 5 have as object, while the other 5 have Screenshot:
  15. EDIT: I don't know why, but everytime I'm having a problem and I make a thread on the forum the problem suddenly autofix like 5-10 mins after. Heart of Fear 10 N DOES have loot, sorry for the thread.