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  1. Greetings @Relectedd, Unfortunately this isn't just a problem for you and your friends, it can happen that our realm sometimes crash because we're still working with a "new" extension here. These crashes are getting less and less from time to time. We apologize and are happy that you are here! Best Regards, Zeptros Game Master
  2. Hello @zoiboladao, using third party software isn't allowed on our Realms. Best Regards, Zeptros Game Master
  3. Greetings @enshableach, as we always try to balance the Realm, you can lookup the top DPS classes at Uldir damage Charts. Like this one: You can search those rankings all over the internet, just be sure to look for rankings at Patch 8.0.1 Best Regards, Zeptros Game Master
  4. Greetings @johnydark35, In the present and also in the near future we do not plan to raise the XP rate for a realm of us. Best Regards, Zeptros Game Master
  5. Greetings @Sulfuras, We do not offer payment via Loyalty Points for everything. Please also pay attention to how you express yourself. So no one will want to help you if you start with an insult. Best Regards, Zeptros Game Master
  6. Looking forward to the first Content Update!