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  1. u need the skinning quest from drop when u skin legion http://www.wowhead.com/quest=40131/stonehide-leather-sample#comments
  2. +1
  3. +1 i cant log in
  4. game

    i win
  5. what happened to it? i dont see any raids or premade groups. how can we farm nethershards now, when the legion assaults are not working correctly.
  6. speak to that valkyr near entrance to orgrimmar to set xp
  7. it is 7.3.5 with 7.2 content, they will soon start scripting raids and new dungeons/argus, (like when the server released, only aszuna was scripted fully, and all other zones scripted later etc)
  8. WW's SUCK LMAO just go see the pve rankings for FOTM dps classes warrior, DK, mage , shaman, ret pala, DH and some hunters (maybe a few priests/balance dudu/rogues) (quite a few viable to be fair to firestorm) no WW's or any warlock dps specs at all
  9. people getting angry because i'm saying they cant have everything for free let me repeat No full artefact knowledge No free relics No free artefact power just give them 840-845 gears and let them grind the rest
  10. no full artefact power (they must earn knowledge too), no free relics, just give them 840 starting gears (and fix the relic drop from boxes) its not fair if they get full power and relics when it is hard to farm on the pve server
  11. yes the first point i agree with that. also the soil plots dont work
  12. You have made the WoD server cross-faction, can you also make the Legion server (Sylvanas) cross-faction too. It would be fun as we are already a PvE server, and we all want lower queue times especially for RDF at <110 and for 110NM and 110HC dungeons. Don't bring up World PvP argument, since no-one does it here and most people have their PvP flag disabled.
  13. stream

    120 boxes and no legendary. what a fkin joke LOL. I dont think they even allow legendarys to drop from those boxes, they just said it so people would buy em.
  14. you spammed shit about nazis and expect not to get a mute. Tell you what, why dont you go say that in your street and see how other ppl react.
  15. They should shut down cata and vanilla realms and spend the money saved on better legion realm. 6000 players on legion and 150 on wotlk but u still work on the wotlk server??