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  1. you my friend you are one unlucly one ... i hope someone solves it for you
  2. how unlucky i must be ... i just came back home and server is doing it's bs side again ... /cry no dungeons for today i guess.
  3. i'm 840 ilvl and each boss in each hc dungeon i'm oom too fast i must be really carefull sacrifce some dps sometimes to save some others ... -50% mana regen like wtf did they think now it's useless to be druid heal gg ... can't imagine playing raids or long encounters with this shit nerf non sense to me ....
  4. same problem can't connect ...
  5. Thank you for the fast fixe, loking further for some other fixes x)
  6. Same problem stuck at loading screen everytime i try to connect all chars same thing ... after a while i'm able to connect ingame. We need wait and see if there will be anything announced too bad in holidays we have to face so many bugs ...
  7. same got a crash and can't log back so
  8. Faction : Horde - the npc Nalya Battlehorn in the garrison is not offering any followers contracts screenshot: Also as Cybra said above the traders in garrison are not changing each day .
  9. i can confirm on Live Realm for the siege machine it's not working also in 1st phase as mele i get stacks from slaggs even beeing near the middle and avoiding everything x10 stacks = death ...