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  1. Welcome, They'll make a new tracker
  2. Welcome to firelands!
  3. The theme will be soon
  4. It will be soon!
  5. I agree with that register vote site, they could change it.
  6. >:)

  7. I having the same problem, after I vote there is no cooldown.
  8. Well... when you click vote button it opens http://firestorm-servers.com/ website.
  9. Thank you for your feedback, Peluche!
  10. Hello, yesterday I merged my pandashan account with 30 donate points and ashran. Once my accounts were merge I didn't got my donate points. I entered my correct pandashan account but nothing it happen.
  11. If you cannot move create in-game support ticket and wait for GM response.
  12. Good wallpaper!
  13. When I downloaded I got the warning that launcher could harm my PC but it worked fine.