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  1. Lol i was transfered but i get 12k gold not 20k
  2. How long will take migration ???
  3. Character will be deleted from other server or will stay in both ??? How we can change server if we make mistake ?
  4. will be very funny y cant make WOD work without bugs and y wanna Legion that will be very very funny
  5. Hello droodic
  6. why version 6.0.3 we are 6.1.2 and i have full client what updates make admins dont make one guide how to setup this launcher
  7. Why one admin dont make one guide how to fix this problems omg.
  8. Why to make empty folder named WOD ?
  9. Its not only y dude.Its work for some users for other give this like y....
  10. Maybe y can change it somehow i dont know
  11. How when launcher stay at waiting for other updates
  12. I think No.I already try it
  13. They open one big bug i think.launcher don`t work correct.Some guys get errors.I wait 30 min already to at "Waiting for other updates" what updates the game is v 6.1.2 or what what download
  14. When y vote y dont get points
  15. All realms are down till tommorow morning y cant play this night