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  1. Hello, My name is NightFuryG My friends and I have been doing Dungeons as of a few days ago, We cleared the dungeon in Mount Hyjal, The one in the region of the "Sulfuron Spire". We have cleared the dungeon completely of its bosses and its creatures, a day passes by and today we go to try and clear it once again, We have noticed though, that none of the bosses have re-spawned, only the normal creatures. Now, this isn't only happening in Hyjal, It's been happening even in "The Nexus", "Onyxia's Lair", and even in the Wyrmrest Temple area with the dungeon below. We have also attempted to do the Lich King's dungeon, but the Scientist boss (Don't know the name) Is bugged. When you enter its Room for the boss fight, The boss is just Stuck as a soulless Ghost of an NPC looking at the other Abomination boss cage (again, don't know the name of the boss). We quit the dungeon without completing it, After that, we have not checked but are 90% positive that the bosses we fought, have not re-spawned at all. Thank you for your time!