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  1. I cannot enter the WoD server. It says "You have been disconnected from the server." everytime i try to enter. This problem just started occurring, was fine 2 hours before
  2. yup my clients been crashin for quite some time too, and its not some item or spell-related, just random crashes
  3. My WoD client keeps crashing insane amount of times today and i doubt its only me... for me it happens when im on a BG anyone else have the same issue? can we get a fix?
  4. its not funny ok im trying everything for that astral cloud serpent mount, but no luck so far
  5. Ive been camping the Black market for more than 3 weeks now and there hasnt been a single mount for sale for such long time. Back when our realm was populated there were much more mounts sold there, is there any way we can check if its working correctly?
  6. Isnt there a way to investigate if its actually bugged or not? or just adding the celestial cloud serpent to the shop would instantly resolve all questions, would buy it right away no matter the cost
  7. Nah, its not purchasable from our website. I submitted a ticket ingame but GMs didnt feel like answering me, could any of the staff members or moderators that have Intel on this topic actually confirm please?
  8. Hello, I've been farming the Celestial cloud serpent for a century now with 0 luck and also do not know anyone who has obtained the mount in WoD. im investing countless hours and farming it with all my characters, Can anyone confirm if its bugged or not?
  9. There are infinite amount of mages in battlegrounds that have blink hack (can blink 2+ times), and it's physically impossible to report every single one of them. Can someone take some measures? And also I keep reporting them from in-game report, that doesn't work does it?
  10. Turned on Warlords of Draenor today, 1st it didn't load an RBG and then it's stuck on 90% completed loading screen every time i try to open it. Tried character unstuck and deleted the Cache. Can someone help?