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  1. Thanks for your feedback about the armory I read all the topic and will respond to you point by point. Will be easier this way ! "Realm chooser fixes" : 1. I will review this with others but in my opinion you're right, that's easy to miss and moving it to the left won't change anything big 2. I don't understand what you mean, can you be more accurate please ? 3. Could be done. Have to review with the others 4. I don't know if it could be done per-tab but remembering the research and the realm could be done I guess. Need to check it out. 5. Same as 4. "Layout change" : 1. Make this stick ? Ok, need discussions with the others. 1b. Even if the breadcrumb is not really usefull here it's a part of our generic layout. It won't disappear, sorry ! 2. The mounts & pets part doesn't give a lot of informations directly, but the thing is it's not real important datas and if we display the name on the side, we won't have a lot of space and it will take forever to see them all. If we refactor this part, it could make a big blank in the middle of the page. So I think it won't be refactor. 3. Same, we won't refactor all the page. It's not planned at all for now. The feature is working and we'll work on it later I guess but for now, it's just not planned, sorry... "New elements" : 1. It's not planned too but it's a good idea so, maybe one day ! Btw, some words to finish; I'm not saying we will work on your idea today or tomorrow or the last week but some of them are good. So maybe you'll see them live on the website, maybe not. In all case we'll try to make our best to ensure you take pleasure to browse it. So, thanks a lot for your feedback and investment and have a great day !
  2. VIP and Shop items have no link with debugs. Have a great day.
  3. This server is a complete side project not leaded by our teams. I mean, we make their website but it's a fun server for Russian community. That's all ! Nothing to worry about guys Have a great day.
  4. blablablablablablabla test upgrade
  5. hitbox

    Hi guys, I'm the one which implement streaming on Firestorm. I really think we don't add Hitbox to our platform. I'll try to say you why with details : It's not as no such works as you think. The actual system will needs a complete rework because we used the Twitch API to get streams. And if we add HB too, it needs a link to their API too. Plus, there are a lot more twitch users than HB and our teams will only works with twitch streams. So... there will not be an HB implementation on Firestorm. Sorry ! Have a nice play.
  6. You can download the full game and select the folder with Firestorm launcher after it's done and it would works