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  1. i think that is good idea.
  2. man type O them raid info and u see the time on next raid. u cannot enter in the same raid all the time. i think is 3-4 days
  3. xm i post it in other sension. can someone gm fix it ? thxs
  4. Your character name: souezas Realm: Sethraliss Date of incident: 05/05/19 Description & Evidence: hello mates. 2 days now i have the same problem . open the war suply chest and after that have critical error and in the next login the item missing.yesterday i open one in Nazmir . and i loot a Hallowed Ossein Longbow 355 lvl. after that dc and the loot longbow missing. i make a ticket and i speck with Lightdor and he told me the gms no give back any item without screnshot or made oneticket in support team. today i play and i make the horde quest near too zandalar . in 13:20 dont remeber real time i see in the map one more epic war spuply chest. i run cause i m too closed. and i take that screen before open the chest. after that i open and i see inside one Yang's Other Recurve 350 ( i think ---- cause for one more time i take dc and error. ..... and for one more time in the next login the bow missing. and i have a siply question. why happent all this ? why 2 days now after the war chest i take error ? no have a problem about items give to me back. the problem is all the time after open any war syply chest the server made me error ? why ? its no fair. i play 5-6 hour per day. and i like thata server. why all this happent on me. sorry about only this screen. i cant made another cause in the next type server give me error....pls check me and tell me why happent that all the time ? you have any other patch ?