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  1. Then should lose all players and see what they will do
  2. i'd reather leave the server than doing that
  3. or if doing shit like this that make server instable atleast announce it on your site before .. not everyone is 24/7 online in game to see if you announce some shit..
  4. just don't get it if there is a rollback why not make it rollback and have my chest untouched also ? isn't that logic? i mean .. ok you make it like it was few minutes ago before i do anything . so ... that fucking chest wasn't looted either
  5. i was in class hall -.- i didn't make it to it ...
  6. no idea it was a fucking chain crash going on . i just logged on didn't had a problem
  7. how about give us the class hall chest loot back ??? i log on get it 52+ blood relic 880 ivl and artifact power 150 000 and key _+ 9 then i get kicked and now i log on and everything it's back to how it was before i loot my chest . why the fuck don't you reroll with having the chest loot back too ? as if i never looted it ... i want my loot back for fuck sake
  8. thanks dude . done >>> was searching for report section and didn't find it so i just made it random
  9. Join random battleground queue > leaves queue > gets 15 min deserter ? for what ?????? Try relog doesn't work , exit game doesn't work ... does anything work anymore on this over phased server ? everything is phased . you get out of a bg or dungeon mobs / npcs are gone unless you move to see them again
  10. but u're right there should be option if u don't wanto
  11. haha then l2pvp a bit might help u ;p
  12. and u play feral...
  13. and affli or demo is not any diff . affli kills 2 targets at same time constant pressure , and demon bolt 105k ?
  14. after 10 minutes ? i think its fine rather than him 152k chaos bolts or 100k starfires