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  1. Title: Mistdancer Set Type: Shop Description:  Hello, I would love to see In shop, since its a nice "humble" transmog. I already suggested this for WoD, but for some reason, it was denied. I would love if you could atleast look at this suggestion, and consider adding it into the shop.
  2. Did. Does not work.
  3. Oh forgot to mention. My Error is: Error 132
  4. Hello, I have similiar problem. I downloaded the whole WoW from battle net, then I opened FirestormLauncher, turned on legion, got error. So I closed it. Then I followed your instructions as : Replacing the WoW.exe while battle net is off, deleting cache folder, and in WTF folder there is But I didnt have to make any edits because it already had (this below). Please help SET portal ""
  5. Players do not know anything about when does it comes out. But it will take time, because they once said that The tanaan items are too good for current raid progression.
  6. Yeah, czechs on this server are really toxic. I once was raiding stormwind with stárscream. It turned out how it was expected. He was killing auction npcs, ruining everyones day and also was toxic on his own raid group. And all this week only thing I see on world is something along lines of raiding stormwind, and guess who always says this ? Stárscream. This guy should be banned for his activity.
  7. Hello. I would Love to see the Mistdancer Set in game. Currently there are no way to get this set (If im not mistaken). Since we do not have the option to get level 3 salvage yard (yet) I would love If you could add this set to shop For Loyalty points/Firestorm points Thank you very much for your time, And I hope Someone will see this
  8. I would really this fixed
  9. yes but when people have some break they could atleast look and answer people. it takes only one human to answer some questions and then say : ey b0ss ill be back in a hour.
  10. some people dont have life like you do no but seriously. some more news wouldnt harm, also the butthurted players here are just plain stupid when they rage over this. And maybe some are mad that their game is downloading from the begining like mine does.
  11. im talking about Content. People did whine about content and they wanted more than few fixes.
  12. If they stayed with 6.1.2 people would be angry with no new content.
  13. download

    Have you tried changing the installation folder in firestorm launcher ?
  14. Greetings fellow Firestorm players. I would like to ask about an issue i´ve found about 3-4 days ago. My Laptop is decent and allways could load locations within seconds, even loading screens didnt take more than 20 seconds. But now, the loading screen takes 9+ minutes to load orgrimmar, and even then the orgrimmar isnt loaded properly, and most of my items are "loading item description" (or something like that) Also this makes the game completely unplayable, Yes Fps are fine (around 60) but everything takes really long time to load. For example at Battlegrounds it took 5 minutes to see alliance players (and even then they were without some gear, and spells didnt make graphical effects) which made the game totally unenjoyable. So please if anyone is interested in helping me, please do. (Pic related its Nagrand from 3rd person view)