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  1. It's pretty funny, i've 31 days played on my main, and i only got 1 lego. Interesting.
  2. So its weird, because yesterday the Val'sharah legion assault was kind of "working" for me, i mean at least i could do several assault-related WQ-s, i could see mobs finally. Yet now, in Azsuna, theres a legion assault happening, but i cant see any mobs, as usual. So its kind of weird that it worked me for yesterday in Val'sharah, but not this time, in Azsuna. And i didn't change anything between those times (no new addon, no new quest, or anything, everything is the same)
  3. Same problem here. I can see that an assault is happening (for example i can see that icon above Azsuna, but only that), but there are no no assault-related wq-s, no npcs, though i can see other players, hittin and killin nothing (probably assaults are working for them and they can participate in it). Idk what the problem is, i've done the quests in the Broken Shore til "Defending Broken Isles".