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  1. Title: Firestorm Points refund Type: Shop Description:  Hello, i was thinking about to refund to all players 20% of their firestorm points those was bought last 3 years on Xmass or Halloween, value can be less or higher
  2. i told you i cant download patch link from https://nofile.io/f/BWm1MJJ9Nr2/firestorm_735_ptr_patch.zip ... only what i can do is download whole game from battle.net could you post this on mediafire for me ? this 30mb patch
  3. Hello i can't download this file , because its doesnt appear in downloand files when i press ctrl+j , any help how i can fix that ? Browswer Google Chrome
  4. i was think that will be some help
  5. Name: Fallingmoon Problem: Hidden appearence Realm: Sylvanas Hello, today i sold my paladin, so i bought feral druid hidden appereace but i didnt got it, its showed me just animation, i spended 130points i tried relog, turn off game, and it didnt help to me where i can find my appearence please ? Help me thanks
  6. I already find the problem, just i dont know how to delete this topic (i am new at forum) LoL
  7. Hello, I have problem with my loading screen, When i press button, Enter the World, i have infinity loading screen, after 15 minutes i got dc and i when ill try it again same problem. I hope you will help me !
  8. yes ... i was collecting conquest for honors and buy 1handed sword ... and s14 is tyrannical ... lol and s13 is malevolent ... Good job ... :-) Kappa