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  1. Oh well I guess that would be better
  2. Title: Event for all Expansion. Type: In-game Description:  (I'm not sure if you guys have this yet)Hi, well just like how retail has an anniversary event so should Firestorm from when it was created or such. Retail is busy celebrating their 12th anniversary and they give 3 thing things to you through mail(as you already know I'm sure) But it would be good to have this even and send players http://www.wowhead.com/item=127987/celebration-package (as I see each year the XP% goes up so you could do the same). So like send them that ofc with a few other things if you'd like. I'd just be great so celebrate from when you first opened and I'm sure you could even change the event name to like "Firestorm's *year here* Anniversary" as I know you can :D, but ye would be really cool and prob bring hype.
  3. Oh I see you bought it already Razer blade is also good because you can buy a desktop G card and use it externally:p Not sure if I heard or read right but I think you can use other PC parts too like RAM and stuff but youd need to buy that other thing with it
  4. Uhm I dno how much razer blade it but I'd suggest that if it cost about that
  5. Wow man, that blows. They could of at least asked if you had help before closing it. Does any other character work or does it do this to all?
  6. Yes you did but, they didn't force you to do that in order to play like retail does, so that being said it's a free server and you know very well that there will be crashes so there is no need to complain :p.