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  1. In mop realm they do the same and you have to whisper gm when they say, u dont know if here it will be the same
  2. how mucch gold did they have in legion?
  3. Or if not, pm from here
  4. I tell you my leveling route until lvl 60, then it will be outland : 43-45 : Dustwallow Marsh 45-50 : tanaris 50-55 : Un'Goro Crater 55-60 : silithus If you want add me to friends to my main Rafagrande and always you need help, have question or whatever, let me know, it will be a pleisure helping you
  5. you are welcome
  6. yes, you can get all iin game although the drop is low. jsut be patient, it takes me some mounths getting them
  7. ohh, ty very much <3
  8. Are you horde o ally?
  9. The wost is that nothing can be done because if they are banned they can create another acceso and If It is a IP ban they can change the ip
  10. Give me 2 hours and i give you the link of the addons i use