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  1. Try specific dungeons, only burning crusade
  2. You have to kill it fast before he phased and adds spawn it and loot it fast
  3. What lvl are you?
  4. Nope, only in wod realm os 100% in 25hc. In other realms It isnt bit It can get looted
  5. Yes , it worked, it's only a visual bug, If you try to open another ticket you will see the option edit and delete the last ticket
  6. ty very much, i had a shaman and i didnt know how to use it <3
  7. Nope, you can only get it leveling manually
  8. Do you have a char lvl 70+?
  9. Since mop, it happends that, It will only show 49 max although there are more
  10. ty very much <3
  11. it would be a perfect idea
  12. yeah hehehe, if you need help let me know by mp, it weill be a plesure helping you (sorry for my shit english hehe)
  13. try in a band group
  14. I can enter in antorus too. Were you in a raid group or you try alone withput group?
  15. I tried tos and i could, lets see antorus