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  1. Or maybe the realm doesn't want to have its economy ruined with transferred characters, all of them with 100K gold?
  2. Hey there, Shea777, This is a known bug, but luckily for you there are ways to work around it! -SOLUTION- Firstly, try waiting for the boat. If it doesn't come, a quick relog might do the trick. If the boat is still missing, just create an in-game ticket and a GM shall help you! -GUIDE TO DARNASSUS- The boat will take you to Rut'theran Village, if you are not lost. There will be a portal in the vicinity - honestly it looks like a tent - enter that and it should take you to Darnassus. Again, if there are issues with that as well, please call for a GM via a ticket. If you have further questions, please do ask. Hope it helped! Good luck, traveller! Trial Game Master Driggle
  3. jvc

    Same buddy. Same.