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  1. Move to BFA, Legion or Mop
  2. There are no plans of shutting down Greymane, the realm will also be updated to 7.3.5 along with Sylvanas, transfers from Greymane to Sylvanas are not open, as the chars from the pvp realm are instant and got free gear and stuff. And as long as there is crossrealm pvp you will always have stuff to do with people that que for pvp from Sylvanas.
  3. There is 1 more way to connect, downloading the full client from Bnet and extracting the files from zip over it and running the wow.exe from there
  4. Thats good for a bug report, thx.
  5. the post above made such much sense, i like it
  6. The best possible idea is to give all the same title, and who has the best transmog to be named queen of pvpers, as most got a female char to enjoy the back view
  7. Bfa next xmas
  8. Its the one to your liking, i would recommend sticking to whats populated for a nice experience. Vanilla vs Legion are like 2 different games and the rest are the mid zonnes between them. Plus our vanilla realm was closed in October, it was very low populated, thats why you see it with 0 GB at the download.
  9. First of all you have a big disregard on the staff's work, remember we are a limited team of like 20 ppl admin-devs-qa, and no, some of us are not payed. We never, but never, added so much content in the server's history, mop+wod as much as we added this year. Compared to 7.0.3 with 1-2 working legion areas and 3 dungeons, 7.1.5 had the rest of the dungeons enabled, 2 more legion scripted zonnes, a raid in all 3 difficulties, pvp templates reworked, world quests, class hall upgrades, lego system added, Karazhan, ToV+Nighthold in the work ( as mentioned in the recent devlog ), so there is your answer, there is a huge amount of work that is done on the upcoming content.
  10. Its still in debate how the pvp realm will be dealt with in such way to not break pvp on Sylvanas or affect the main realm, i for one would prefer a realm just for tournament events at the end of each season. An ETA for it, i cant exactly provide you, but first comes our pve content scheduled as in the devblog post.
  11. Server wont upgrade in the near future to 7.2.5, i advise you to try our launcher and see if it works to play with it, if not you need a new 7.1.5 client.
  12. I gave a thought to this and in the end i am gonna start a series on Youtube in which i will show there to the community some key activities people should pick up at 110 in order to start their adventure in Legion and benefit from the start on details regarding of what works and how to gear up and overall character progression. This will not be some streaming sessions, just some videos i will upload on chapters in which i will cover up pvp, pve, class orders, rdf, world quests, upcoming pvp season, raid, shop and social aspects within the game, this is to help up newcomers, people that are not fully aware of the changes within Legion as the game itself underwent alot of changes compared to previous expansions, and furthermore try to get new faces to join us, as this will count as promoting us on the biggest video social platform out there. Beside the aspects i mentioned above, i will also do some videos related to mage gameplay and probably some guides in concordance to what we got here and make it work to help other mages in their progression path. I am gonna insert here the first chapter once i am gonna have it done. Stay tunned for more !!! Your ducklord mage Alex here
  13. The warlock CM works with numbers, i think i saw one of ur closed reports, huge debate regarding Coruption, but as stated Remolk is doing his thing while provided with sufficient info, each of us is doing what it can to bring some quality here, as for Firechaos i know he mains a destro, he is not really a bugexploiter and its somehow decent, no need to argue over here. Affly locks are top tier in 7.0.3 but thats because of their self healing and dmg mitigation, their damage is good, but not mongo, 40-80k Coruption dots in 830-840 ilvls is nowhere normal, and that had to be noticed and dealt with.
  14. gonna do some math to see the results and what/if something is messed up
  15. For starters rbgs que are incredibly fast, probably the fastest out of any private servers, i que bam under 1 minute a bg pops. Dungeons and rdf yea its a pain with them, but if u look up the forum closely, you will find that they plan to add cross lfr/rdf just like with pvp - bgs/arenas.