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  1. ahh oki
  2. What then ?:)
  3. Server is be down ^^ we muss waiting for fixxxxxx c:
  4. Have but he says wrong i use firestorm-pandashan date he says wrong
  5. Mop
  6. oki i wait
  7. Wtf 6 hour down *_* gg Firestorm
  8. Yes the server down or pandashan have problemms ^^
  9. Think the servers are down or Pandashan has again problems Well now we have to stop waiting:
  10. Yes i cant to login in my pandashan account i can login in forum and website but not in the game wtf
  11. Hello can who reset my Pandashan Password i cant login with my old password then i have became a new password but he says that is too wrong can who help me and reset me my password pls pn