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  1. hi guys i want to start playing wod and im going to download game but i dont know which version should i dl. when i check this link it says that current version is 6.1.2: but when i read news it lookslike that they updated to 6.2.3 what version should i download?
  2. no you can not transfer from other servers to here, and i think this future will never be available on firestorm.
  3. after cross-realm activated we are joining BGs as healer and people wont change it manually. so we dont know how many healers,tanks,dmg are in field. fix it Plz.
  4. (The cross-realm will allow you to battlegrounds and arenas with players from another realm. ) can we go dun and raid with them too?
  5. for me dominos (action bar addon) is the great one. 10 action bars, pet, class, menu, and bag bars. Each one has customizable settings for padding, spacing, columns, scale, opacity and many more features. 5.4.8: 6.2.1: To open up the options menu, either go into interface options, or type /dom
  6. we are waiting... . . waiting... . . still w8ing... . . atleast tell us whats going on and when it will be back on
  7. just tell us when its going to be back on