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  1. Play Retail dont be naive you lose realy nice experience the private servers cant compare with retail trust me i lose 3 years usles here hoping for better never will be better here
  2. Guys go play on blizzard you spend usles time here !!! i spend so much time playing here hoping something it will change and seems everyting is the same
  3. My recomandation is stop play private servers with 0 experience come retail guys is amazing trust me i play here and im happy i leav
  4. My question is i play here from starting of mop are almoust 3 years how Firestorm guarantees my work for my caracters in this time it will not be screwd by Blizzard likeother servers happend and are many examples
  5. Problem is Blizzard have no idee how to creat a raid,dungeon they make new shit and left the old one my opinion is if they keep old content and scaing up bt,sunwee,tempest keep etc to the present level 100 or 90 with mabye same items and difirent stats all will be done and players enjoy the game .
  6. that is true and Blizzard somehow force players to spend money for new expansions because if they have own tbc,woltk server no one play ,mop,wod etc so they are force to pay for the new expansion wich comming every year more and more bad
  7. Yes is not just about they have blizzlike server is not the only blizzlike Blizzard lose players because the new expansions sucks realy sucks and players stilllove the old days in wow strating with Ctaclysm wow is going down
  8. Yep seems Blizzard start to shut down manye private servers
  9. 3.3.5 think can be the best starting with cataclysm wow is not such amazing like before even i pay for long time catacysm.mop.wod i dont like so much anymore and is no server to have yet a stable mop expansion or wod with a good population
  10. If now onw answer is mean no is not fix or they dont care about the payers i quit from all Firestorm Expansions i lose 3 years in usles time 3 years
  11. All from Main Noir are first place in pvp but tomany games during 1 min is impossible this but anyway i give up seems this server is working on pve so much so Peluche can play in my place from now best luck and have fun
  12. This is a realy shit im done here
  13. 1 game lose realy wtf
  14. This server makeme sick all first players from arena ar from Main Noir realm and all of the fucking stay in arena 1 min wich is fucking impossible lets say 5 arena you find bad players but realy all payers are so bad
  15. All his games are during max 4min something isnt good here