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  1. Banned Azi, because its late, I'm tired, and I can't think of a good reason.
  2. Banned Azi for using explosives
  3. Freal banned for overused joke
  4. Banned Freal cuz I feel like it
  5. Banned Freal for NOT being a huntard.
  6. Banned testoyolo for discriminating warlocks
  7. Banned Xalira for being obsessed with Meerkats
  8. Banned Freal for saying Azi is not that crazy all the time
  9. Welcome!
  10. As I heard from many, or even every enchanter I have talked to (alot), Haunting Spirit no longer drops from Disenchanting ilvl 522 gear from ToT. Me, along many other PvE players, would like to see it obtainable again, especially since in retail it was never disabled according to my 2hours research on retail forums and wowhead. I think it is wrong that players can no longer obtain materials required for crafting ilvl 522 without any apparent reason. This topic has gotten alot of complaints from players on the MoP server and for a good reason, as those are the best crafted items for those slots and a great way to gear up alts, friends, or even yourself if you can afford it, aswell as a pretty decent money maker.