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  1. 1. This will get declined because they do not want to give points without money 2. MAYBE get approved IF instead of just getting SOME points back the items you bought originally are removed for your account. Then you get a % of the points back. You cant seriously expect them to let you keep the items AND get some points for free. And that adds a while lift of complications.....professions mugs already used, gold spent etc...
  2. Order of the Phoenix is the top open recruiting English pve guild on mop Pst any member
  3. you know what i mean. people that played here a long time (like myself, starting in 2012 when it was pandashan) we earned all the shit we have, and we DONT want to go and earn it all again. not letting us take much (btw it was 100k when wod when live, then 50k for legion, now its 10k) means either 1. we basically start over on the new realm, 2. or we take the easy option and buy shit. they limit it simply to PROMOTE the shop
  4. Honestly stormwind >westfall >redridge>duskwood>nstv is your best bet. Most working quests except bloodmyst and loch modan. Wetlands is a bit buggy If you need help ingame /who phoenix and ask order of the phoenix for a guild invite
  5. Nothing. As a draeni you cant really go. Darkshore does work. You could get someone to fly you there ir boat to sw
  6. whisper any member that is online
  8. Pandashan's Oldest and most successful guild has come back to the server! <Order of the Phoenix> has been reborn on Firestorm, and under original leadership is quickly becoming one of the top open recruiting pve guilds! We offer an english speaking community that raids weekly, has in guild events, has a lot of active members, a budding pvp community. We offer help leveling, gearing, and raiding. We welcome all english speaking players to join our ranks. Members have access to all professions (we have multiple members with every profession maxxed out), we have leveling guides and people that will help you level. I am currently working on a guide to gearing at 90, and for now we have plenty of people that love going to timeless isles to help out. we have fully cleared 10 man reg raid content and are working on gearing our core team to take on heroic SoO. we run tot several times a week, SoO 2100 server time Saturdays being our main SoO raid times <Order of the Phoenix> wants to once again be a haven for english speaking players who want to hang out, have fun, and play some world of warcraft. please whisper any member in game for information or an invite!
  9. This happens. They are probably quests you already completed and turned in. Abandon them and see if you can take them again
  10. <Ours is the Fury> is proud to announce that we will be hosting our first ever guild sponsored event. This will be a foot race in homage to vanilla - wotlk running night elves/draenei to stormwind. The event will be called the Running of the Midgets. Players wishing to participate will make a level 1 gnome or goblin, and will be invited to a party where they will be summoned to the start point of the race. From there, there will be 2 parties, Horde and Alliance. Prior to the race starting, ALL racers will activate PvP, and PVP MUST REMAIN ON FOR THE DURATION OF THE RACE. The initial part of the race will be NO PVP BETWEEN RACERS ZONE (this is a short period of time, as soon as we hit the main road, ganking will be permitted, and is highly encouraged). we will have horde and ally party leaders running with the group, as well as several people streaming. the race will be a long one, filled with ganking, blood, mobs, and suffering, In true homage to the classic-wotlk run to stormwind. Players that are NOT participating in the race are welcome, and in fact encouraged to come and observe and make life difficult for the racers. please note that the horde and ally party leaders will have areas assigned to them where they WILL be ganking the other factions racers, however they will NOT be ganking each other. Heirlooms are ALLOWED However NO MOVEMENT SPEED ENCHANTS WILL BE PERMITTED>. We will periodically inform world chat where the race is at, to assist the locating and persecuting of the racers. There will be 2 designated TRADING AREAS where the racers MUST be given an item by their factions party leader, and when a racer completes the race, they MUST trade those 2 items to be eligible to win. This is is to prevent cheating and maintain honesty in the event. As we are a smaller and newer guild and this event is coming together last minute the prizes will be as follows: 1. 300k gold 2. a panther of your color choice (excluding onyx) 3. 20k gold (participation trophy) THE RACE WILL BEGIN FORMING ON SATURDAY JANUARY 26th AT 2100 (9pm) SERVER TIME the race route is as follows, the red star in Darkshore is the start of the race. The BLUE LINE in darkshore is the SAFE zone. the red lines in all of the zones are the race route. the red stars in Barrens and Elwynn are the trading zones. racers MUST loop around the summoning stone at Deadmines, MUST Loop the tower in Redridge, MUST travel through BOTH Crossroads AND Goldshire. The Blue Line in the second part of Duskwood is the Final stretch and pvvp between racers will be prohibited. The Orage star in Duskwood is the finish line.
  11. Sadly they announced bfa on discord. So I hope all of you had fun on legion cuz they are gonna do the same thing they did when they launched legion. They are going to say fuck all of our other expansions focus entirely on bfa then MAYBE come back and fix one or 2 things later. Need proof? Look at when the last 2 wod patches were
  12. someone please delete the crying kids
  13. legion sucks anyways, so who cares play mop