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  1. Well here we are again back for round fucking two i got a bunch of shit to say, every word of which is true i dont want to hear you cry, complain, bitch, and moan im gonna throw some shade, some props, talk about how much our home hasnt grown lets start this off by going back in fucking time back to when the server was just coming up online back in the days of droodic stormlash and Mr. horde thing were broken as fuck, arenas had us bored vendors werent spawned dungeons didnt work warlocks had a 1 shot bullshit merk but broken as it was thats when times were the best the staff back then stood head and shoulders above the rest we had order of the phoenix devils rejects and highborn the three from which ancient legends were all born then as always. time went on and elegon was created times and staff had changed, still the server was high rated angry inc the best then from darkness into light then came the merge to TZ, the start of the toxic blight but before we start the saddest tale of decline lets talk about some staff that kept us all online we had Judie, velanor, myself and exonation icemetal and candlenor rounded off the staff relation back then we prided ourselves knowing we cared about all of you time have fucking changed with staff that much is fucking true back then on tz we had guilds that were formed from the remains of legendary guilds, reformed by legendary names we had Jynx, Roasted tauren angry inc but time passed on they died within a blink Edgie was one of the best to play back then spotz and cath rated high too and yet once again time went by people came and people left, on and on time just ran then one day firestorm was created and that was the death good old pandashan now we sit here on these the forums dear talking about old days that will never come back here we have moved on past were we had our start new staff came to power and it broke our heart we all know that they dont give a shit about anyone but them and if you dare speak up they silence you with a ban topics get deleted for no reason, simply cuz they speak the truth inveric doesnt like what they about his "leadership" and thats the truth now before you read this BOY and you panties tie into a knot keep in mind i have screens and videos i have posted before, so you better fucking not ban me like you did before for impersonating myself as being retired staff and i talk to peluche and shelby, then send msgs to C***Green on skype while logged in as tinystaff so with that i bid a fond adeiu and sit back and flip a finger to all you noobs online who think you are the shit come rhyme with me and get your faces split ............./´¯/) ............/....// .........../....// ...../´¯/..../´¯\ -- U FAIL -- .././.../..../..../.| -- GTFO -- (.(....(....(..../.)..) .\................\/.../ ..\................. / ....\..............(
  2. 1 gogogogo
  3. when you see me in world chat now youll stop and think who knew this insane lil bastard got rhymes like he signed with murder inc sitting in the chat spewing his crazy shit see him in a bg you know you gonna get lit when you pop into the chat crying bout a broken class ill be there to dog down your punk ass warriors are over powered second wind wont let them die hunters used to be op since the patch all they do is cry paladins we run around self healing like we are fucking kings Aenas says we dont cuss, goes around kickslapping Intercation from way back in five point oh five he used be badass, but then he turned twenty five he couldnt beat one of the very best there ever been he tried and tried and tried but the duel record was 0 and 10 so he hacked frostychaos sad but it is true devils rejects died that day what the fuck did you do TSM used to run around saying they the best here but i remember youtube where they hacked sha of fear now i gotta sin off, gotta go to work today ill be back later with much more to fucking say
  4. I wish I can be the best music producer in the world, everything that I'll produce will be a hit Granted, but your new name is Kanye West i wish i was in a hit movie
  5. oh god 1. age of empires 2 HD 2 Diablo 2 LoD (battle net still active, come us west and get rekt) 3. guitar hero live 4 morrowind 5 oblivion 6 GTA (5 and san andreas) 7 dragon age inquisition 8 pokemon yellow (gbc emulators) 9 kotor (1&2)
  6. i said its not on the forums rules lol allowing it for 1 thing will just cause it to be abused for other things more than it already is - honestly its like saying you can be in possession of meth, but you cant smoke it i mean really hacking/modding is hacking and modding
  7. while its not on the forum rules, it is on the server rules: Section VI - Hacking Rules Use of Third Party Programs: Using a third-party program or modification to gain advantage over other players. This includes speed hacking, fly hacking, multi-boxing etc. (Outside battlegrounds, arenas, instances, etc.) Punishments: First offense: 7 days account suspension. Second offense: 15 days account suspension. Third offense: 30 days account suspension. Fourth offense: Permanent account suspension. Use of Third Party Programs: Using a third-party program or modification to gain advantage over other players. This includes speed hacking, fly hacking, multi-boxing, colored text etc. (Inside a battlegrounds, arenas, instances, etc.) Punishments: First offense: 30 days account suspension. Second offense: Permanent account suspension. Promotion of Third Party Programs: Any person who reveals their existence, download links, names, how to use them, recommending them etc. Punishment: Permanent account suspension. allowing it for tmog is unacceptable. promoting it should get you banned tbh just play the fucking game juanson
  8. pve is fairly active, but finding lower end raids is very hard. MSV TOES and HoF are only run for sigils these days. the shop has some things that can get you SoO ready BUT a lot of guilds that are serious wont bring "shop chars" you can also buy characters on the store current state, i feel top classes are: dps hunter tank paladin healer shaman
  9. WOTLK skinning and mining makes fucking savage bank cobalt ore sells 1.5-2k per stack, arctic fur i have seen up to 2k for ONE
  10. just take the portal in org by back bank puts you in jade forest mount up to dawns blossom for some panda starting gear and quest away
  11. i hate boris. people make classes they have ZERO experience in playing, then run around in bgs and raids fucking things up for people. level the damn characters. at least then you have a basic understanding of how the class is played. i saw a paladin on one of the boris events who was ret, with a 1 hand/ shield combo and mixed str/heal gear. he told me i was a noob and his heals were op and the int helped his spell dmg. i tried to convince him but he just insisted i was a scrub and continud on his merry. saw him in rbgs later on in the same gear so i doubt he was trolling..... his rotation when i dueled him was .......interesting....................
  12. come back to MoP and ill do what i can to help you out. i love these names stormlash, icemetal too
  13. *waits for more warning points for the videos* look honestly you could try a ban appeal but more than likely its going to get ignored, or more likely, declined because you have been making it a public issues staff will say that thats not the case, that only some facts are being showed, (insert excuse here) the usual good stuff, we dont discriminate, we dont play favorites, blah blah blah these are flat out lies. if there is a legitimate reason for the ban then ofc it wont get reversed, and they will give a legitimate reason (example: there is video evidence you hacked in arenas) but honestly, i wouldnt even count on that being said. i dont know what happened, the link you posted says cant be found. all i can say is try a ban appeal, but i wouldnt hold my breath. in the meantime make a new account and play on my last advice: do what i do, ignore the staff completely, follow the rules, block them on discord, ignore ingame whispers from them, ignore forum msgs from them, follow the rules and forget they exist. i dont even report people anymore. i have ZERO respect for the current staff (except for highmetal on garrosh, he is awesome and i hope Inveric doesnt corrupt him) the saddest part about me posting this: i have been here (Pandashan) since MoP went live in 2012, im a retired game master (pandashan) and the current staff have given me reason to feel like this...... it sucks SHAMELESS ADVERTISING TIME: if you need help leveling a new horde character, check out my guide: SHAMELESS ADVERTISING MY GUIDE
  14. sounds about right. do yourself a favor and just let it go