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  1. ouch my back !! , your comment is very heavy for me , you break me ! , happy new year for all of iranian players too , i hope that it will be fixed pretty soon ! and GMs talk about this realy big problem with admins and they look for this issue .
  2. WATCH THIS VIDEO THAT WE MAKE !! all of the bug and problem information is on this video !!!
  3. same problem for all of the players that connect from our country , its not just for 2 or 3 person !!! i hope that it will be fixed pretty soon !!! we are make a video about this problem and you said again we have no information enoght !!!! just you can come here and told : you not using the right format and any more !! all of the things and information is in this vidoe that we make , i hope you use that right answer for this huge issue
  4. YES , Good job Firestorm , no asnwer yet after we are reposted this issue nearly 3month , thanks for your attention , i dont know what are administrators doing here , i'm sure that you are Irreverence about your players .... kind regards
  5. we are reporting this issue nearly 3 month but we dont have any answer from administrators and GMs , you should answer about this , we realy want to know what's your plan , this is realy huge problem for us , we connected 3 days ago with any problem and it will be fixed just for about 2-3 days , and now as you can see clearly on this video we cant connect again with out vpn , and there is a issue with Iran and our country's ip yet !!
  6. Oprating System : windows 8.1 - 7 Character name : Rouz Error Info :#105 - ( Connection Diffculties ) issue with IRAN's IP - you can see our country's IP connection on " check the account logs" Description of Problem : Hello Firestorm , i'm here to inform you about problem that has been going on for nearly 3 months , well 3 months ago , we faced a problem with connection , that wouldn't let us log-in to our accounts , unless we used a VPN , other players have already reported this a lot of times , so i will not go into the details much , but in order to help you to better "Understand" this issue , one of the players (in my guild) made a video to clearly explain what's going on with our connection to the server . on this vidoe you can see all information clearly , i hope that it will be helpful Download link : Youtube link :