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  1. I did check prior to posting my question... I could not speak to any of the npcs .. I was wondering if I missed something, but I guess its on the list of unimportant things to fix
  2. How do u get rep with
  3. U were lucky - I have chars that are 845 approx a month or more cuz I am not getting some gear or relics (for my current spec).
  4. Yes some content is more important than others, but to me basics are on the list as important - right now everyone is mythic dungeons (I have not seen any dungeon runs asking for people with 840 gear) - what if u are new and u just hit 110 u are gonna spend weeks doing wq to get gear to lvl up - if u could make ur gear then u have a chance of gettin better gear faster. Not everyone can buy firestorm points to buy loot boxes and get instant high lvl gear. Next patch I would guess the working professions would stop working. Fingers crossed that professions get a little more attention in next patch (after they fix and make sure all dungeons are working properly)
  5. Some receipes are not available - it is not dropping and the vendor dont seem to have it either e.g. Whats the point of buying recipes that don't work? you cannot make that u cannot use it - some quests in the quest line don't work Leatherworking recipes work so far . Alchemy is stuck at 860 all recipes are greyed out and I cannot seem to get any new ones. Jewelcrafting u cannot level it to 800 since u cannot speak to the NPC's. Inscription is just not worth it - is so hard to get and when u mill u get qty 1 - total waste of time and effort. Engineering - I have not tried lvling it so I cannt say if stuff works. Cooking kinda works - First aid kinda works - havent fished in a while so I can't say. Archaeology if u are 700 - legion dig site do not show up - only for a char that started it in legion. I used to post in bug tracker about the things that i see do not work, but I have found there is no resolution to the issues I have posted so I have stopped.
  6. Some WQ in Suramar appear in my quest log and some are not. They are on the map but when I enter the area they are supposed to be the quest does not pop up in my quest log. Killing the NPC does not complete the quest. My quest log has 15 of 25 quests so it is not full. I have asked players in the area if the quest is in their log but no one responds. I have gone to a different area and that quest will show up in my log and on the map. I did not post the problem in bug tracker because I don't know if I am the only one experiencing this problem. Here are the two that I am having problems with so far:-
  7. i am getting the same problem - and my information is correct
  8. i would be thankful for normal pieces
  9. What is the drop rate for gear for world bosses? I have been killing them since they were introduced on this server and I have never had a piece of gear drop for me - just 30-50g when I loot the boss. Some people have gotten legenderies and some 860 gear - so I know stuff drops - am I that unlucky that I cant get anything.
  10. Ok so the AP on the other spec is not carried over. Thanks
  11. I have a feral druid with ilvl 850 and 2 talents left to learn on the talent tree with AK-25. I decided to dual spec to guardian - I have no AP available. Do I need to learn AP separate for this spec or is the AP for feral available for guardian as well? I tried sending the compendium vol 1-4 and it said I was not able to use it. Can someone clarify what I need to do.
  12. Usable once per IP - if u have multiple accounts - only one gets it
  13. I have a feral druid and a ret pally - yet both chars are getting intellect trinkets as the reward for world quests. I thought that feral = agility and ret = strength and those are the stats that would be for the trinkets. Is anyone one else having this problem?
  14. I learned archy on an alt and they saw a dig site in aszuna - I took my main to the same area and nothing was showing