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  1. Broken classes: 1-demo lock 2-destro lock 3-feral Useless classes: 1-Balance druid 2-Fire mage 3-Survival hunter
  2. There is only one solution for this as boomy seems to have been forgotten... Reroll a warlock Peace
  3. Hi everyone. Im new to warlock and I would like to know if the felhunter's kick is bugged or blizz just made it work like this. The problem is that i can only use the kick when im in line of sight with the enemy and it is not enough for my pet to be in front of the target. Is it a bug or not? Ty all
  4. Dont know anything about that command either. I just know an arena spectator will only do good for the pvp server.
  5. Title: Arena Spectator Type: In-game Description:  I know this topic has been repeated several times, and even accepted but nothing seems to happen about that. If you want not to add an arena spectator in Sylvanas I would understand it as maybe you want to keep it blizzlike. However in Greymane it would be so nice. Sometimes players feel bored and don't want to que bg's or arenas and just go offline. But with an arena spectator I think there would be one more reason to stay online. It would be great if you implement it for the next season.
  6. 30 lootbox opened and only got a few appearances and shitty auras. Seriously? Whats the rate of the legendary cloacks? I feel tricked omg... At least fix the fcking appearances in moonking form
  7. Happy New year for you too. Best wishes and luck, specially for those in need of it.
  8. ooo wings that souds better. Is it blazing wings the toy? or other type like an illusion or sth?
  9. thx for info about loots I better save points
  10. What are the cosmetic items which could be contained in the new lootbox? In the description it says the same as normal lootbox
  11. Well, I can't find the part in my comment where I asked you about your rating on any character and you decided to babble your absurd "achievements" in an online game like a raging 5 years old. Moreover, I don't actually need to take care of who you are before I comment because you mean nothing to me and less your characters that don't even exist in real life. Having said this, you better go to school and understand what sarcasm is because your brain wasn't able to get the point of my comment. I found your proposal interesting and supported it with a touch of humor on the fact that your shot was a dh, just that. Anyways I will join your informative campaign: 2650 mage, 2450 bdrood (Ofi wow)... And no! I dont want you to show me 200 pictures of your characters thanks.