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  1. We dont plan any way to gift another player.
  2. Move to legion, blizzard changed the queue with healer only in this version.
  3. thaï the point, we got too many shop ticket about people wo do not understand how smog work so we limited purchase to useable items.
  4. This section isn't a bugtracker.
  5. You are in a online game and like anything you find in internet people act like morons, we are not your mother, we can't say to people "dont do that". After try to punish toxic behavior the result are simple; people report everything, like "idiot" or any "fuck" etc, so we decide the best thing to do is like is done in retail, ignore the player use the bad word filter, if the player have a racist behavior report him on our forums.
  6. please read our announcement about Greymane realm.
  7. please specify the expansion, because like people say nodes should despawn after mining whatever if the player took every items on it or not (legion), we dont have personal spawn for herbs and nodes for the moment.
  8. SimulationCraft is dedicated only to retail, you cant use export here, fixing this issue mean hours or week of work for a dev just to satisfy really few people, I'm sorry but we cant do this.
  9. Hello, I'm sorry we dont do any transfert from other servers.
  10. Due to technical limitation with account legacy system you can't change the legacy username.
  11. You're right limiting player until lvl 50 isn't a good idea because new player ask informations at first connection. We think about cellphone number but only for fallback situation for authenticator, Firestorm already have a filter to fight gold seller but like any spam in you mailbox, if you eliminate one way the spammer will try new keywords etc
  12. This feature is only for greymane
  13. legendary

    Cloak quest are removed in WoD, same for WoD ring they got deleted at legion
  14. What we are asking is testing, you have no obligation to do it, you don't want to do it then move along. We are Firestorm not a random private server, we never promise any reward in exchange and in you message everything is for "you" not other player not the community so let me respond to "you". - When we launched Sylvanas we have promised one title, this one http://www.wowhead.com/title=467/legionary and +30% on experience. See this: And as I can see on your characters you got this title, so I'm sorry but "you didn't bother to give us the mount, expecting for us to donate for it." We never announced any mount. - Game Masters don't ignore your ticket, they are not developers and they don't fix anything they close your ticket and say the same thing to you rather than all other bug report done by players, report it to the bugtracker. - Donation doesn't give any premium rank. Our team is more than 70 people working 7/7 24/24 and I will never let any player say our team don't work or don't do enough. You're a toxic person and you only complain and bash people on all of your posts and so for this I will ban you from Firestorm forums. Sincerely, "The Idiotic Firestorm Management Team"
  15. I'm sorry but it's say "a chance" not "you will get it after XX boxes" like any loot in game you have a "chance" to get what you want