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  1. Not planned at all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Thread cleaned. Keep this place clean and your insults for yourself. read the rules and control yourself.
  2. You can't control the visibility it's handle by the server.
  3. No, RP community is very very low and having a realm only for few people is not possible.
  4. Please read the thread For any issues related to MacOS
  5. 7 Wait...
  6. sentinax

    You have to do Broken shore questline to unloack the Sentinax.
  7. In this case the issue is you and not the server please provide the connection.log from your game folder, download the game every time don't solve anything and it's clearly not a good workaround
  8. We can't avoid this, Discord don't allow us to identify if people run multiple account
  9. streaming client download from blizzard servers, please blame them
  10. report it to bugtracker please.
  11. wait tomorrow
  12. So... you stopped because it's more than retail ?
  13. We havent nerfed anything you are just unlucky
  14. We dont plan any way to gift another player.