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  1. We can't avoid this, Discord don't allow us to identify if people run multiple account
  2. streaming client download from blizzard servers, please blame them
  3. report it to bugtracker please.
  4. wait tomorrow
  5. So... you stopped because it's more than retail ?
  6. We havent nerfed anything you are just unlucky
  7. We dont plan any way to gift another player.
  8. Move to legion, blizzard changed the queue with healer only in this version.
  9. thaï the point, we got too many shop ticket about people wo do not understand how smog work so we limited purchase to useable items.
  10. This section isn't a bugtracker.
  11. You are in a online game and like anything you find in internet people act like morons, we are not your mother, we can't say to people "dont do that". After try to punish toxic behavior the result are simple; people report everything, like "idiot" or any "fuck" etc, so we decide the best thing to do is like is done in retail, ignore the player use the bad word filter, if the player have a racist behavior report him on our forums.
  12. please read our announcement about Greymane realm.
  13. SimulationCraft is dedicated only to retail, you cant use export here, fixing this issue mean hours or week of work for a dev just to satisfy really few people, I'm sorry but we cant do this.
  14. Hello, I'm sorry we dont do any transfert from other servers.