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  1. Not planned at all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Thread cleaned. Keep this place clean and your insults for yourself. read the rules and control yourself.
  2. You can't control the visibility it's handle by the server.
  3. No, RP community is very very low and having a realm only for few people is not possible.
  4. Please read the thread For any issues related to MacOS
  5. Use a Strong Password A strong password uses a mix of numbers, letters, and symbols. You can use a phrase made up of multiple words—it's easier for you to remember, and harder for others to guess. Most importantly, don't use this password for any other accounts. Add an Authenticator Two-step verification (2FA) makes it extremely difficult for hackers to access your account. Go to your Authenticator Overview Page. Simply scan the QR Code or Download the application. Remember to download your recovery codes incase you lose your phone, etc. Secure Your Computer Scan your computer for malware, keyloggers, and viruses. Keep your operating system up to date. Your computer is less secure if you're missing critical security updates. Friends and Family Sharing experiences with your friends and family is great—sharing your account with them is not. All of the authenticators and passwords in the world aren't going to mean a lot if your friends or family members have immediate access to your computer. While you may trust them, they may inadvertently expose your account to greater risk. Use the following best practices to make sure you're the only one using the account—don't let someone else get it banned. Log out of your account or lock the computer every time you step away from the computer. Do not let your friends or family know your password or the location of your authenticator. if you're having problems with changing your e-mail address or adding the authenticator, just send me a private message. Thanks, Firestorm Team
  6. 7 Wait...
  7. sentinax

    You have to do Broken shore questline to unloack the Sentinax.
  8. In this case the issue is you and not the server please provide the connection.log from your game folder, download the game every time don't solve anything and it's clearly not a good workaround
  9. We can't avoid this, Discord don't allow us to identify if people run multiple account
  10. streaming client download from blizzard servers, please blame them
  11. report it to bugtracker please.
  12. wait tomorrow
  13. So... you stopped because it's more than retail ?
  14. We havent nerfed anything you are just unlucky
  15. We dont plan any way to gift another player.
  16. Move to legion, blizzard changed the queue with healer only in this version.
  17. thaï the point, we got too many shop ticket about people wo do not understand how smog work so we limited purchase to useable items.
  18. This section isn't a bugtracker.
  19. You are in a online game and like anything you find in internet people act like morons, we are not your mother, we can't say to people "dont do that". After try to punish toxic behavior the result are simple; people report everything, like "idiot" or any "fuck" etc, so we decide the best thing to do is like is done in retail, ignore the player use the bad word filter, if the player have a racist behavior report him on our forums.
  20. please read our announcement about Greymane realm.
  21. SimulationCraft is dedicated only to retail, you cant use export here, fixing this issue mean hours or week of work for a dev just to satisfy really few people, I'm sorry but we cant do this.
  22. Hello, I'm sorry we dont do any transfert from other servers.
  23. Due to technical limitation with account legacy system you can't change the legacy username.
  24. This feature is only for greymane