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  1. What will you all do when everyone get full set in one-two weeks? Its the last...... Good luck and have fun Lololol
  2. Respect everyone then. I said many things that are true, got deleted after 2 min.
  3. O my God. You never really saw how global channel looks like. Public channels on FS are enough empty. Enough players already left, why would you suggest something + that kept us away?
  4. Allun, this is not about suggestions, this is about how they ruined all the fun we had, even tho never everything in the game worked. Players are indeed unhappy, lots of them stayed on FS just because they are Damn lazy to give this time again on another server for gearing, professions and the community in general. And it's damn easy to do PvE with bunch of bugs that every class have. I am totally agreeing with Floyd. Keep calm and never look back here :3 Devs have enough other servers to not give a single flying fuck for this one
  5. While you are leveling, you are getting equipment from quests or from dungeons, and sometimes some blue pieces from random mobs ^^ in those ways you can get nice transmogs too, you can see it by clicking shift+left click on piece in your bags(if I'm not wrong after not playing for over a month) At 90 level all the fun begins and never ends!!! From blacksmith profession you can get season 12 PvP equipment, for your Paladin and DK, really good start, for both pve and PvP gearing, for about 30 to 50k gold.(strength for DK and retribution paladin,and intellect/spirit for Holy Paladin spec) For PvE you start with low MoP raids,where I suggest to find guild that suits you,which is raiding daily, such as Old and Dirty, BlackEagle, The skilled mists.... And have fun on headphones and microphone for hours ^^ Then, there is PvP! Queue random battlegrounds, where you will see people from other realms, in the same party, which you can't see outside of the battleground. They added it a month ago, and it's called cross-realm BGs. For that kind of fun you can be in both pve and PvP guilds, they all like it I hope this is what you asked for! Good luck!
  6. Unstuck from website.
  7. >:)

    I dieded :'(
  8. Well, aren't we playing the game to spend free time we have? Waiting is nice way of it :3
  9. I disagree with this.
  10. Cogburn: I wish i had something more to wish for. Granted, but you will first need a girlfriend, they think for you too. I wish i can pee like a boy (just) when I'm outside.
  11. Ah, now I got your point You were always mysterious x_x So how is at your new living place? I moved out aswell, it must be hella lot stuff to do for you too
  12. Did I Probably to everyone on world chat Ok, this is again farm posting >.< . I miss yall then <3 phone is bugging and gonna deal with this gay couple lolol bye :*
  13. Lmao i remember once black guy told to his friends 'you heard what she said?!!! BLACK beer!!!!? Is she a little girly racist?! >.>'
  14. So I met a guy in this pub that I'm in 24/7, he's playing on FS and on pandashan since 2013 and I never met him on MoP No, I am not glad about it, cus he still loves this game and I miss everyone from here >.< to troll, to be rude forward this funny and nice staff to help out kids from the guild while I'm sitting on that yellow chair for 10h per day. Yeah, I'm drunk. Excuse me :3 But if I'm playin' still i wouldn't have this warm red vine, then dark beer and I wouldn't order pizza with bunch of shrooms... So fyall!!! :*
  15. Sergiusz isn't playing on this server for a very,very long time. We all know who's here. He got blind by your light