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  1. 1-80 levelling is great, there are many bugged quests but it's possible for normal people to level up 80-85 is kind of hard at first because you can't teleport to Pandaria even when you should be able to, Hyjal is bugged, I advice going to Vashj'ir and doing quests there, almost every quest in the Kelp'thar Forest works, so you can easily level 80-85 there 85-90 is easy, I advice levelling in Jade Forest 90-100 is almost impossible, I always farmed weird insect things in Shadowmoon valley for fast XP, so it took about 2 hours straight with heirlooms to get to level 100, but I heard that the farm doesn't work anymore ( thanks Firestorm for fixing only working place in Draenor that gives you xp ) and MOST quests in Draenor are bugged or aren't there at all, so can't help you with that 100-110 is easy, Azsuna's questline sometimes buggs at the start, so I advice writing a ticket or posting the problem on bug tracker if it happens, Best place to do quests is Val'Sharah and then going to Highmountain 110-120 is also easy, every quest I found worked, both in Kul Tiras and Zandalar
  2. Hi! I recently created a warlock and wanted to ask, does the questline from Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion for the green fire spells work? I've seen people selling it, but that doesn't mean it works, because they can be just scamming people
  3. Well They could at least give me the quest. I made ticket 5 minutes after it bugged but still no reply :C
  4. Today I started the Argus questline but I did 4 to 5 quests before I was supposed to get quest called Vengeance. I didn't get the quest. So I can't do the questline. What should I do? Thanks for replies
  5. Post it on bugtracker. They will fix it in the future. If you have problem with bugs. Go play on Official.
  6. Those are in BFA client. Just play BFA when it comes out!
  7. I'm not lying SOMEONE Get into my Account and Stolen my GOLD.
  8. I've been 1 day off..... I log to my main Character Trelon ( Mage ) And I have now 233 Gold [ I had 30K ]. I've been on different location then before and on different mount. In Mailbox ... In Send Mail there was been name Resabela ( never heard about this guy ). So please someone help..... BTW can't open ticket and my Teleportation Icon was been on different place.
  9. I've seen UPDATE that World Quests are working first day it says that i must wait for Tomorrow, 2 days, and 3 days for World Quests but I've come back day after it said me but still same Message so please Help?
  10. Tutorial of WoD, the Heck is Tutorial of WoD?!
  11. Can you please fix it? I've done every quest in Azsuna and i'm not lvl 110 im lvl 108, so Can you please fix it I want to do quests in Val'Sharah but I can't because First Qeust to Val'Sharah is in Scouting Map. This bug is I cant open the Scouting Map.
  12. Will you please add more Mounts for these Loaylty Points and I mean Flying Mounts. Please?
  13. When I ask Boris he says me: You are not able to benefit from the promotion of christmas. WHY!?!