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  1. It doesn't look like you knew about the old one. The vanilla realm was opened on Firestorm exactly when Nostalrius was closed , in hope of attracting the people who used to play on Nostalrius. That didn't work back then and there is no reason to think it will work now , even if another big vanilla server gets shut down.
  2. The easiest solution: play a night elf character whenever is possible. Their racial is best for dealing with this kind of situations.
  3. It was PvP realm since launching. Better question would be " Why is still a PvP realm?" Having cross-faction enabled on a PvP realm is at least an awkward choice.
  4. I think both are obtainable ingame, at least I got the one from the quest in Kun-Lai. There are few daily quests working in Krasarang (only for Horde side) , so probably you can reach exalted rep and buy the second one. On Alliance side all quests seems to be bugged , as usual.
  5. Probably no roadblock . just focusing their resources into releasing the next carrot on a stick.
  6. the zeppelin from UC doesn't work either?
  7. Have you tried doing some dailies at Argent Tournament Grounds? Also, there are some dailies in Grizzly Hills and in Venture bay and some weekly quests in Wintergrasp, those should get you some rep with your faction.
  8. sure , if you transfer to Alliance, you can use my mounts too , for a small fee.
  9. Title: traveller's tundra mammoth vendors Type: Website Description: Can you please set a despawn time of 30s or less for those vendors? They are trying to take over Dalaran
  10. Some mounts have 2 versions in shop: one BoP and one BoE. That epic nether rocket extreme is such a mount. Probably the sellers of those mounts bought the BoE version from shop. If you want to buy mounts from shop in order to sell them in AH , look in shop for the TGC mounts (like the spectral tiger) , those should be BoE.
  11. well , you have to complete the scenario and after that you go outside BT , at Altar of Damnation. There you'll find Jubeka and you talk to her to complete the q.
  12. You need the achievement for killing LK on 25 normal difficulty in order to able to enter in 25h mode.
  13. The dungeon is Upper Blackrock Spire, inside Blackrock Mountains, which is the mountain that separates Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes. So , if you want the title you'll have to enter Blackrock Mountain.Once inside, find the summoning stone and go through the entrance next to it. After a few secs you'll notice an opening on right side , leading to the entrance of the lvl 85 dungeon Blackrock Caverns. Don't go that way, just keep going forward till you reach some damaged stairs. Climb the stairs until you reach a hallway with a view over the lava pool. From here you need to turn left and go til you reach the Orb of teleportation. Now , is very important to set your dungeon difficulty to normal , not heroic. Then use the orb and you will be teleported into Blackwing Lair. Once you zone into BWL, just turn back , go through portal and you'll find yourself in lvl 60 dungeon Blackrock Spire. Then just go to the rookery, go through those eggs to spawn lots of whelps and use an AoE spell to kill them all at once.
  14. Don't kill Kanrethad, just bring him to low HP and wait for Jubeka to come and banish him. Then drain him til you get the message that you got the passive effect, then you can go outside BT, at Altar of Damnation, where you complete the quest.
  15. You know , you don't need to worry about gear at your level , cause normally you should be gaining levels pretty fast so your gear will became obsolete in no time. If you have difficulties with killing mobs , i suggest you switch to destruction and use the imp as your pet. Also , i suggest you save your gold for lvl 60 flying and later for cold weather flying and flying license in Azeroth, don't spend gold on heirlooms for now.