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  1. Still recruiting? 888 Frost DK looking to progress to 940+, Have discord
  2. none of my characters on the realm work sadly.
  3. IT'S BEEN WAY TOO LONG THAT I'VE BEEN TRYING TO GET HELP ON THIS BUT I'M ON MY LAST STRAW NOW! Seriously! If I could have gotten help AS the problem unfolded then I would have no problem. IT'S BEEN CLOSE TO 3 AND A HALF MONTHS I've reached out to admins, GM's Forum Admins, Tickets, MULTIPLE forum posts, AND NO HELP FOR 3-4 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!! I just want my damn MoP account to work No I'm not banned No, I've done nothing wrong I just need some damn help already...
  4. Even on my new PC that has Win 7, same issue. Is it my account??? @Inveric
  5. I hope that the dev's find a fix soon! I miss my Warlock ;-;
  6. Sadly, that didn't help either (Running Win 10 86bit)
  7. Still the same issue sadly.
  8. I'm sorry I should have been more specific. I've tried running from both. It's when I'm trying to load INTO the game. I get to the character select screen, it's just the issue of getting INTO the actual game itself.
  9. Hey! I used the Boris on Taran'Zhu and got my Dr00d (TreesNuts) and now I can't get into game. It loads to 95% roughly and then just stops. I've waited 11 hours (yes, I've timed it), I've deleted my caches from BC WotLK Cata MoP AND WoD, I've Un-installed and re-installed both the games and launcher, I've even gone as far as getting on Grommash, creating a GM ticket and seeing if there is anyone to help, I've posted twice on the forums with plenty of views but no replies. I'm not 1 step closer to having this resolved. PLEASE, I need this resolved. It has been 4 days since I've been able to access my MoP account. It's not just my dr00d but my WHOLE MoP account. I am not the only one with this problem. PLEASE! Help, suggestions, an actual fix for this, is much appreciated. ~Chaos
  10. Hey, I used the Boris Boost on Taran'Zhu and now it WILL NOT load the game. It gets to 95% loading after the realm/character screen loading ingame. I've deleted Cache file, I've completely reinstalled it. I need help, PLEASE!
  11. Lol, my iTunes library is a little everywhere The whole time editing i was regretting every decision I made about singing in the video. Mostly cause I suck and FRAPS recorded my audio a little off
  12. This is my first video since the Firestorm/Pandashan server merge! I hope you guys enjoy!! (Sorry! I wasn't sure were to post this!)
  13. I have no room on my realm for her though plus i planned on deleting her after the whole issue was resolved and as a collage student, buying the gold was scraping my wallet clean, i cant afford abother 180 point transaction to actualy GET the product that i bought from you guys We do not provide assistance on the following matters: Purchased the wrong item. Chose the wrong realm to send your items to. Chose the wrong character to send your items to. Character deleted that hold a purchased shop item. Account hacked/lost, and with it the items purchased.
  14. Okay I bought 500k gold a while ago, instead of sending to my main on Taran'Zhu, its sent to a level 1 on Rassharom that i litereally never play on. Is there any way to get the gold over to my main or anything????? Please help, i really need the money to cut down on proffession leveling. Massive thanks in advanced guys!
  15. 3 hours? Are you F****ng serious? Fix your s**t firestorm... First stuff goes wrong on the store where its sent to a character on another realm and I get told you can't help now I can't even play. Nice way to slap not just me, but everyone else with your shlong. Long and short..... Murphies Law