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  1. Bringing my old quasi rp guild back out for some fun. Theme is a corporation based group if individuals looking to build a trading empire. If you are interested or want more details msg anyone in <Iron Edge Cartel>
  2. he ran out of gnome magic juice
  3. you are a tweeked out gnome in a guild named no moar jaja and your post drips with sarcasm. Marry me <3
  5. <The Plague> is a new level 1 guild. It for English speaking players to hang out have fun, and help each other. Founded and run by Blatancy, the focus of the guild is level 70-74 and level 90 pvp. Blatancy will be focusing on helping new players in the guild, helping them quest and such, and is as I type this, working on horde and alliance leveling guides, as well as professions guides for the guild. The Goal of <The Plague> is to help as many people as we can, to have some good fun in BGs. What we offer: a FUN english speaking environment the experience of the oldest player on the server (day 1 pandashan) helpful leadership an immersive guild experience using addons that we have found to be a lot of fun! various guides to be release soon by Blatancy Ways to apply: Guild Website Message any online member and ask for an officer (/who plague) respond to a world_en recruitment post All members will be expected to know the guild rules and at lease have an account on the guild website! there are a few required addons and that list can be found on the guild site's forums GUILD SITE Have some fun! - Host of <The Plague> Obstinancy
  6. Hahaha i remeber you. Yeah i came back full time to play. Mostly been on 74 bracket with like 5 twinks haha. Been working on a new guild but am putting off recruiting for a while so i can unlock shit for it and be able to offer more than a lvl nab guild I would use order of the phoenix but its guild level achieves are bugged and it wont let guild vendor sell anything that requires a certoan guild level How you been? On topic: I have pretty much given up on reporting. Look at my report from the other day. 2 offences both of which used to be a ban. Now he MIGHT get a mute most likely a kick that will just make him relog IF it happens while he is online. Im done reporting. There is literally no point. The rules are such that hackers can and do roam free and the knowledge that nothing will really happen makes taking the time to acreen and report completely pointless. These punishments are a joke. Come back to mop man twink 74 with me haha
  7. seriously what the fuck happened to the punishments. a mute for racism in world chat? i see mutes handed out but i dont see all that many bans, and if they ARE being banned, then number of offences is not being taken into account i remember when erotic content racism discrimination etc was a BAN not a mute, not a warning, a BAN and if you kept doing it you got permaed. what happened? hackers dont get permaed instantly???? what the hell happened? world chat is HORRIBLE now that people know they cant/wont get banned, i myself have taken advantage of this the rules are fine, its the punishments that are failing. they need to be stepped up in a big way. the other night in MoP world chat someone called someone else a fat bug lipped ni***r all he got was a fucking kick. he relogged and was RIGHT BACK AT IT. wtf is that shit? the timing of the punishments being lessened is the same as world chat becoming troll chat. not a coincidence i remember Sadistic being kicked from world chat for a year for my middle finger macro. litterally a year..... i could not join world for 365 days..... what happened to the punishments???? i mourn for what this server used to be, and the changed in punishments is one of the things i cry over. Make the punishments what they used to be, and Lets Make Firestorm Great Again!
  8. Hey so i am new to roleplaying. I am on garrosh playing around building a story as i play on 1x rates Im wondering if anyone else roleplays on MoP and would like to connect with any that do... Hit me up here