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  1. Ok ,,,my dad got 2 ilvl910 items ,,he got it in normal EoA Dungeon at the end. that was his 2nd he ever got, his 1st one was 3rd time completing 4 quests for CoF. I checked other players. i checked about 20 of them,,, all that had at least 1 item ilvl910 were DHs. I don't get it rly... I never get a legendary nor I know how to get it,,help please?
  2. I know how people say Alliance sucks in PvP...but that ain't true! I have nothing against Horde players...but as playing PvP i realized something is very,very off. BattleGround Strand of The Ancients is one example of a big bug or I don't know what! Alliance, we were attackers and as I got in a tank I headed to the door and hit right in the middle of the doors. I needed about 20 hits to destroy doors.I died about 3 times until i destroyed the doors with help of another player. Cannons were hitting us and damage was big enough to destroy us in 10-20 seconds with help of horde players. ... We haven't made it sadly, we were hitting the last doors,but it was too late. ... Now we were defending and i got to a cannon s another side. I couldn't even hit with my cannon 'cause it was bugged. Another player barely made any damage with direct hits on a tank with a cannon,as other Alliance players did too...We gave up on cannons. As the first tank destroyed 1st doors with about 7-10 hits in the middle(and i needed about 20 hits in the middle) i realized something was wrong. Second doors...The same tank that destroyed the 1st doors was still on 75% of health ,even if it took much damage by 10 players hitting him,came right next to the doors and hit the ground with fireballs and destroyed the 2nd doors with 5 hits. Tank was destroyed about 10 seconds after. It seemed like it were hacks, but why would most of the players on the Horde side Hack? they seem to be normal players as Alliance are too. 3rd door were totally,,totally proof that something was literally on Horde's side. Tank came and gave about few hits and doors were on about 80% of health,,and tank just got through and another tank got inside after it. it was about 4 mins before the end and we knew we couldn't make it. at the end they won. ... I am not saying that Horde was hacking, I hope nobody did that. And Since the bugs are often in other Bgs too, It would make no sense that 98% of Horde players used such a big hacks. I am saying this seems to be a bug,in almost every battleground where Horde has some "boosts" that make them stronger and make bugs vs Allaince. I am saying that Alliance does not suck in PvP. Ofc there are "noobs" on both factions, but that all friends I know that are skilled in PvP die by 2 hits of one Horde player?... I am sorry but something seems off. I am not Judging Horde player...I am just reporting what seems to be unfair. It pisses me off, it pisses all players that end up in this situation. I don't know does this sometimes happen to Horde players, but As i can see, I never experienced having Bugs or "Boosts" on side of the Alliance to just crush Horde with few hits. Please somebody replay to me. I know there are other players that have the same problem. Thank you
  3. First i thought it is my installed wow the problem, but no it isn't...It is something with my character...On my pc and my wow i tried to play with my current Main Anvenya but it would lag and kick me out and "crush server"...My friends from other countries told me server crushed excatly after i joined with my main...did any kills,trying to ride mount...For my dad much quests are available in Legion parts, but for me no, i have done only 2 quests in Azsuna and 3rd didn't want to work...When i join with any other character It works fine, With my main which had problems playing after transfer from Garrosh/WOD to Sylvanas/Legion...I found out by others my character makes server crushes,...I tried to go to Unstuck but it was same, after i deleted data,but it was same,It always shows it is "Loading" parts, i need to wait about 3minutes to enter Legion parts,and my dad needs to wait 15 seconds or less, I found out there is nothing else I can do about it so i need staff's help as soon as possible cause my character is not playable..Thank you
  4. Is there any SnK/AoT Guild(Alliance) I can join?
  5. hi well is there any guild for PvP(BG's) or PvE(dingeons) that is Croatian guild or Balkanian guild? ? reply down if there is some i could join,i'm Monk Damage,Tnx
  6. i found out today and im helping as much as i can on other forum other people how tom do it,they said around 250 chars get transferd in 1h,/ per 1h,so....and 4k players+ is there,this ncan be till 2morrow
  7. Well server opend and iw as in and about 1k+ people were on server,i gotmyself panda,but it just closed itself after 5'10 mins,
  8. OH,...and 1 more thing,u dont have to make it fomr lvl 1,u ahve option and it is not fun server to rais it only form lvl 100,but all ur things u amd wont be here,i still want my char,at least i made char lvl 100 sam named and now im going to rasie it till lvl 110
  9. ikr,i raised it with full gear and transmorgs that i bought with voting coins,and i heard before they opend legion that it will probably be way to transfer/bring char for free,and more tahn one u will need to pay :/,i have only one char and it is this one which i want on legion
  10. hi i have question well i have character on WoD taht i raised and bought armor and else,but when i came to legion today for 1st time i wasn't able to transfer/bring my character to legion,is there any way to do it? or will it be able to do it? if it is not able i would recommend to do it cuz it would be helpful for me and others, THANK YOU
  11. i saw videos about Firestorm Legion Beta Demon Hunter Starting Zone, so i tought i can come and ply thta beta,even if i can play it 1 week,but i still don't understand can we play it or no',when will it come if it didn't came yet?,please answer,i would realy like to play it