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  1. Same, please help someone
  2. Other players hand and body moving, mine's just frozen
  3. Hey guys, So i have this issue where during Mind Flay my character just freezes in place(no animation) But i see others animations just fine. Any of yall have this too?
  4. Download from battlenet
  5. They confirmed that u cant transfer. Edit: Q: Can I transfer my characters from Sylvanas to Greymane? A: No you cannot, and you’re not able to transfer from Greymane to Sylvanas.
  6. Thanks Can you link the discord please?
  7. What does that mean? Migrate the infrastructure of Sylvanas. What are they exactly doing to better the quality?
  8. Whats this suppose to mean? There is no Sylvanas realm on the realmlist And cant login to game, realm. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. I cant launch Legion, anyone else has this bug? Please help with Fix!