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  1. Post screenshot of your "oficial rait", I'd like to see.
  2. https://discordapp.com/channels/179604676700930048/255288980747190272
  3. Thank you very much.
  4. ^
  5. Thank you very much
  6. Anyone ?
  7. Hello everyone. Can anyone post the link for a torrent of MoP please or link the thread where it might have been posted before. Thanks.
  8. do we use DF for this or pugs ?
  9. And also Pridelord Meowl just a bit north of the mentioned place.
  10. here comes the war stories.
  11. Ah, I understand.
  12. Currently I am using a macro, such as, "#showtooltip /cast [stance:0] Backstab /cast [stance:1/2] Ambush" What it's suppose to do is, use Backstab whenever I am out of stealth and Ambush whenever I am in stealth AND I have Shadow Dance active. It does the first two just fine, but during Shadow Dance, the macro doesn't change to Ambush. My macro is not broken and it's also being used on live. Any other rogues using this macro ? I know I could just use a separate button for the 2 different spells but I won't. Thanks.
  13. Did you find a solution to this ?