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  1. Title: Request for adding a transmog set in the shop. Type: Website Description:  Hi! I just saw that this set is missing in the Sylvanas DK transmog set section... Link for the set --> http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=1832/primal-gladiator-s-battlegear-alliance-recolor (the one that is available for all plate classes not only for warrior, and the recolor for each faction of course) Can you add it, please? Thanks! Note: I also posted it in the General Discussion earlier today, but since it's type of a request I did that here, too!
  2. that's why FS got more on players so fck outta here
  3. proly cuz of the old OS I'm not sure but I think you need higher directx
  4. thanks sir
  5. Do I have to download a 7.3.5 client or just extract the files into my 7.1.5 folder
  6. Hey, admins, devs.... What about Argus? <3
  7. Stop talking non-sense shit.... You don't even know how it works... Even if its 30th, the NPC cannot be spawned by itself. They will probably spawn it after the server fix restart.
  8. I solved the problem, reinstalling the launcher
  9. tried it too but it shows me an error, that it can't connect to the network, and my internet connection is perfectly fine
  10. already tried with administrator but same **** ;d, and yea, im gonna reinstall it, thanks for the paid attention
  11. Hi! I just ran the laucher and it got stucked on Looking for an update, i waited like 1h but nothing happened, tried with restarting my computer, nothing again. So, can you help me, or tell me any solution to fix it? Thanks pref.