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  1. dont cost much brain for ya
  2. i think he dont help someone before if u want to look forward, helping someone then look what he try to ask simple reason of that this is world of Warcraft or we play disneyland
  3. well inveric sent me link i make other one because though its other section listen bro u cant teach people what to do. im old then you no offense
  4. hello friend im legendracu ya misss you all I try msg alot of gms and etc and they not seem reply. i am waiting like 3 days seem and 1 trail gm talk through msg? I want know who did ban me and he ask me class name then no reply... its seem like weird and weird -.- im knock the door knock knock ! wake up
  5. I hear there is delay issue. 10/1/2016 release good luck guys
  6. pve can pvp shouldn't be that much heal. if pvp over heal then nerf have fun close threat
  7. just call 911 tell them fix it fast
  8. haters....
  9. bro don't mind it that. u know nothing its maybe ddos.only way solve that issue. dev can set setting
  10. haha Spanish its both realm not work still not work as u say
  11. very mess problem. its been 7 hour after reset its just got issue start it
  12. same
  13. i can't see. on Warlords of Draenor.. to transfer mop