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  1. firstorm torrent indeed give virus detect but if u getting error the cas plz stop download from site dear kids, firestorm cant resolve any issue of that so if u guys want to play free from cas error https://mega.nz/#!O0RnWCgQ!afmpNa2aMEoAAU9jjegu8DMki-ZOF4O_C_oM00z9Hcw download this dont use launcher use wtf go Firestorm.wtf then copy into SET portal "legion.logon.firestorm-servers.com" wow 64.exe than change language eng inside game say thank you legendracu... u guys play because of me
  2. https://mega.nz/#!O0RnWCgQ!afmpNa2aMEoAAU9jjegu8DMki-ZOF4O_C_oM00z9Hcw here ago free from cas error man
  3. work goodness that guy find ways https://mega.nz/#!O0RnWCgQ!afmpNa2aMEoAAU9jjegu8DMki-ZOF4O_C_oM00z9Hcw download that and use wow64 that all login good to go
  4. man u r best work i hope firestorm learn more skill from you
  5. i hope this work i will kiss you
  6. no one f answer me yet im old wow fan and i been this server longs i download all and follow all methods still not working. -.- annoying seem dns not working support firestorm patch. bravo....
  7. 40% players cant play firestorm well as ur luck try. firestorms doesnt seem helping out
  8. man im still keep try not working i did all they method not working same fuck cas error i download torrent or battle.net same shit
  9. try download bittorrent
  10. dont cost much brain for ya
  11. i think he dont help someone before if u want to look forward, helping someone then look what he try to ask simple reason of that this is world of Warcraft or we play disneyland
  12. well inveric sent me link i make other one because though its other section listen bro u cant teach people what to do. im old then you no offense
  13. hello friend im legendracu ya misss you all I try msg alot of gms and etc and they not seem reply. i am waiting like 3 days seem and 1 trail gm talk through msg? I want know who did ban me and he ask me class name then no reply... its seem like weird and weird -.- im knock the door knock knock ! wake up