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  1. +1 Its really quite annoying. Some specs can get a hidden appearance (drops off of trash mobs), but thats about it. No balance of power row, no pve tints either.
  2. You have to talk to Thalyssra in the nightborne starting zone and complete the quest. Did you do that?
  3. Title: Melee unchecked Type: In-game Description:  Hi/ Can we realize finally for the sake of all thats good that melees overpower casters indefinitely? I know the game is balanced around 3v3 and blizzard made casters weaker than ever but come the hell on. Everyone should roll fury retardior,retardin or ww garbage to stand a chance in for example guru?? The only caster I see in guru is either a healer or a BROKEN destro lock... thats it. I ask how in the world is this ok?? Also arenas,the reason I dont do them now is because only broken classes/comps enter and non-broken classes stand no chance, so why bother anyway? Being honest with myself and maining frost/arcane mage and balance druid I feel completely discriminated against because the classes I like to play are pretty much useless in pvp, and greymane is a pvp realm... While a caster is undisturbed and is able to u know, cast its alright. But no, the game is 90% melee or huntard and guess what they focus? Casters. So why dont we make reasonable circumstances for people who dont like being a narrow-minded, retarded fury warrior bullcrap? EVERY other class has at least 4,2m hp in pvp but mages have 3,7. Dh has 5,2 because it isnt easy enough as it is to beat a caster in 1v1 as a dh (sarcasm), so does dk, shaman, warrior... At least if we had enough hp to survive a freaking keyboard faceroll we d stand a chance. Im bored of dying as a frost mage when the unholy dk s at 10% hp just because my hp is almost 2m lower. Why??????? How does this make any sense at all????? You do realize beating an unholy dk as a frost mage is no easy task right? Well apparently its not really possible because I have half his hp. Blizz is ridiculous. Probably their ret paladin and dk "love" drove the game into a total anti-caster discrimination zone. We have enough discrimination,racism,xenophobia,homophobia,autocracy and so on in real life, so why dont we grab these and give them a power-pack punch to the throat?
  4. Title: Drops flag so horde wins bg Type: In-game Description:  Hi! I've been wondering why we keep tolerating people who takes the flag in a wsg, twin peaks etc and drops it right before capture point so horde wins. It s hard enough to win any random bg on ally side and then we get these kind of sore idiots into our game?? Come on, these ppl wont bat an eye to warnings, so they need to be perma banned or something. The chance for alliance to win any random bg at all is somewhere near 10%. No need to level the playing field, we dont need traitors to compromise even that nothing short of zero chance. Yes, I know perma ban sounds harsh, but have u got a better idea?
  5. Yea I asked someone who came to greymane from sylv and he has all his mogs here on greymane.
  6. Title: [Greymane] SW flying/innkeeper in sw keep Type: In-game Description:  Hi! I think it would be a really good idea to add flying in sw or an innkeeper inside SW keep. The reason for this is allied races. As a void elf mage, i have to tp to sw trade district and walk to sw keep like a damn nab while every1 else can just /stuck and appear there... That is the reason there aren't many ppl playing allied races.
  7. Yes. However, it seems like every appearance you gather on Sylvanas is available on Greymane, so it isn't impossible to have allied race armors transmogged on Greymane as I believed.
  8. I couldn't agree more with this. 7.1 traits with 7.3.5 templates affects players in a negative way, and sadly, some more than the others. For example, the instant blizzard that the latest traits provide to frost mages upon casting frozen orb is essential in pvp, and so is the additional damage effect for Ebonbolt, since its a long cast and without the extra damage it isn't really worth casting (outside icy veins in pvp that is). And while it affects frost mages maybe the most, it doesn't really affect shadow priests (the only worthy trait of their second tier is a small insanity generating effect). Of course no class is unplayable without their 7.2+ traits, but there still is a noticeable disharmony since the artifact power requirement for unlocking more and more traits grows exponentially.
  9. Title: Heritage armor Type: In-game Description:  Heritage armor is a very important component of an allied race. Without it, you are covered in random armor and maybe even forget that you're not a night elf but a nightborne. Yes, there are some requirements for heritage armor (no boosting, race or faction changing, no recruit-a-friend service) and I know that Greymane is instant 110, but think about it: no person ever used the restricted services listed above to reach max level, so it would be morally ok to add heritage armor anyway. Besides, a nightborne warrior wearing that cool robe would be fun as hell.