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  1. System still disabled c_c
  2. Seems so
  3. I am getting error that it says '' too much migration request on que you cannot create '' I haven't been tired to do even for once yet. So what should i do to add my char into migration list? Also it says '' System disabled now '' when will it open back?
  4. May i ask why the website '' Raid ladder '' is not working properly ? We cleared nh hc dozens of times we cleared tos hc dozens of times yet barely got registered website after weeks later. Now new wing will release what if we get bugged again about registiry? I mean what's the point of finishing it in the first day if you are not even registered to the website due bug wich is on for months Many guilds didn't even completed 4/5 but website registered them as it werever you look at it '' Totally unfair '' and such a failure for big community like this. At least before releasing new wing fix the ladder please.
  5. Also it's not worthy to have an elfish cap or naked tauren appearance for each 30 point x_x'
  6. it happened to me too . yesterday now is fine
  7. i was here <3 and i am still here
  8. Sure , we just have to wait
  9. Wlc back
  10. u can see how many ppl are online on forum
  11. yeah all of them is off for now
  12. 32bit luncher is not ready yet and this is 4th topic about it =))
  13. dont think so they already have a lot of work to do