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  1. Also it's not worthy to have an elfish cap or naked tauren appearance for each 30 point x_x'
  2. it happened to me too . yesterday now is fine
  3. i was here <3 and i am still here
  4. Sure , we just have to wait
  5. Wlc back
  6. u can see how many ppl are online on forum
  7. yeah all of them is off for now
  8. 32bit luncher is not ready yet and this is 4th topic about it =))
  9. dont think so they already have a lot of work to do
  10. we dont know yet i think they dont know too
  11. u can transfer 1of them free but for another u must pay
  12. we dont know yet couse they said all bug(most pvp bug) will fix after merge we're still waiting for game
  13. same prob and i used contact with us now is fixed in 5min