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  1. I have the same problem, but only with my Death Knight. Skinning works fine with my Warlock.
  2. mounts

    P.S. I should clarify. With Horde Allied Races only the Blue Wind Rider shows in the mount list, while it says there should be two mounts. With Alliance Allied Races no mount is shown at all, while it says there should be one mount in the Mount collection. I assume that, since the Blue Wind Rider mount is specific for the Horde faction, it only shows in the mount collection of other Horde characters. Alliance Allied races simply have their mount erased instead of replaced. How can I tell? I have one Lightforged Draenai Paladin who still has his mount shown in the list, and is also mountable. My guess is that this is because I had this specific character logged out while mounted before I purchased the Blue Wind Rider mount with my Blood Elf Death Knight character. With my other Allied Race characters (both Horde and Alliance) this was not the case. Since my Lightforged Draenai's mount was mounted and therefore active, the mount was retained.
  3. Since I purchased a Blue WInd Rider mount with my Blood Elf Death Knight Allied Races characters I create all have a Blue Wind Rider in the mount collection tab (which is mountable but doesn't fly). But it says there should be exactly two mounts in my mount collection. I assume they should all have a Apprentice Rider class race mount, and it says there should be another mount besides the Blue Wind Rider. But it doesn't show, no matter how I try to look for it. Does anyone have the same problem? Or perhaps have a sollution?