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  1. Thank you very much,yes the respawn is lenghty and some people might be camping it too.I will try it anyway!
  2. If its possible you could mark the location? Thanks in advance.
  3. Yes i tried to camp him as well for about 3-4 hours on the path that hes supposed to be flying but didnt even see him.Also is that drop specific only to firestorm?GM Efigy said that he didnt know anything about it,Rukhar is just 1 of the bosses for the whistle achievement but since other dungeons dont work its pointless,and nowhere it say he drops the whistle.
  4. Oh really Thank you very much Miolaro you gave me hope,for Pepe is life.I will definitely try it. Best Regards.
  5. Will the Trans Dimensional bird whistle be avaialble in the shop?As of now it doesnt seem you can aquire this in game.
  6. Hi, is this avaialble here?Went to 2 chest lcoations and nothing there, removed or bugged?
  7. Thread can be closed,for those who might look this up. First of all the referral link might not work from the first try be sure to log out from everywhere before clicking it. also the fs load seems to work only when the people who you refer or you are referred by are online.
  8. Hello, yesterday had no issues with the addon and the system leveled to 110, refered a friend myself as well today we wanted to open some emissary chests to maybe get a legendary together,from my side i couldnt load the addon even wit fs load command (previously that worked fine)no buff as well,he could use the summon me option but i didnt get the summon window ( i dint even have the option to summon him like the addon isnt even there),on hes side he didnt get the small custom refer window with the name of referal as well (yesterday i had it poping up no problem)is there something happening to the whole system? Thank you in advance. P.S. i downloaded the client through the launcher and then fixed it with config and wtf files from a guild mate when i couldnt connect the server at first.