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  1. Have this too and i dont believe the server is down an other Bug... cant play...i am sad.
  2. So, thanks to a GM, he turn me and Lucjus back to normal,ty:)
  3. Yesterday we are on BG, Arena i can try too,i wright in Game to Gm and here this Post, i hope some awnser me and Help.
  4. I am still an ork, i hoped so,that it goes away, but no,it is still Buggy, please can a GM help us?
  5. Yes we die and make unstuck, its been like ca. 2 hours so,there is nowhere a Button to turn it off, nothing, that must be a Bug, when my Friend log in,he see short his normal Char and then it change back to Ork, well... and by the Log in Window,my Char is normal,in Game she is Ork agaiin...
  6. Hi my Friend Lucjus and me, make a Quest in Gorgrond, we have to Klick on a Dead Ork Body and get so an Orkmask, we do this and our Optik change in ork Optik. After we Ende the Quest we are still orks and nowhere we cant take this Mask away, no Button to klick the Mask away and an unstuck don't Help too, please help that we are ourselfs again. So it is not nice to Play, so please help us.
  7. Hi There, i cant get my Mails too and problem is,i have over 500 Mails to get and there is a lot of Gold inside, i wanne it back and i really hope an Admin can help us by this. I show you a screen that shows that i have lot Mails to get, please someone Help us? My Addon 'Postal' show how many Mails are inside, it is in German but i hope that is enough to prove, that i say the True. I have an Add On, but this is not the Problem, the problem must be the Game, now when i buy things or send thing, it wqorks, but all this items and Gold before, is gone, i can only read it, but cant open it...