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  1. Hello, I did read it all, it looks legit and I'm ok with most of the features, except for adding more mounts without any requirement but mark. Do you guys have some ideas about making more daily quests ? We could do it if there are suggestions.
  2. Sylvanas and Greymane were successfully updated to 7.3.5 and are now online. We expect some instabilities on the 1st day and we will perform hotfixes as we go ! Have a nice day and enjoy the new content with your friends
  3. Don't worry about the wintraders, we'll be removing them this weekend.
  4. We'll be changing the rankings of each reward for the end of season on Legion. There was an issue on the ladder which didn't show all the players and the overall ratings, so the actual rewards were done regarding the wrong rankings. We'll be giving out the rewards for 3v3 bracket without taking the faction and the realm in consideration because the differences of ratings are too important between them. It'd be more legit for all of you to receive the rewards depending the highest ratings (by cut-offs) and not depending the factions, so the best players will get the best rewards. Done edited.
  5. Hello, which expansion exactly and what do you mean by 'if you try to get out' ?