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  1. On the armory you cannot see the player's rating in 2s 3s 5s or RBG on all expansions.
  2. And believe us nobody builds parks better than we do. -Trumpzzard entertainment.
  3. Asmongold had over 10 gold caps in MoP, if you don't believe me check his youtube channel.
  4. Thanks buddy.
  5. Could somebody explain to me what ''Add a username to your account'' option is for? I've seen it lately on the website and I have no clue what is it for. Thanks.
  6. The league of legends school boy has spoken.
  7. Alright so, it's been 2 weeks since the first spell delay lag-spikes appeared and till today every minute or less there is a 3-5 sec delay. I just want to make sure that actually GM's or Developers are informed about this, it makes pvp totally unbalanced.
  8. Welcome.
  9. We all know why.
  10. Chaos bolt, Shadowburn, +10 rating Ez Pezy
  11. You think if they turn the Legion server into PvE or Roleplayer one noone will gank you?
  12. There is no US realm.
  13. You guys fix stuff and after a few restarts they get bugged again. That's what brought me to make this topic. The main question is: Why do bugs that have been already fixed get bugged again after few changelogs?
  14. Alright so I'm not qqing just asking a few questions that never got answered. 1) First of all, why everytime when the server restarts and a new changelog appears(well not everytime but more than 70% of the times) some spells that weren't even on the change-log list get bugged? Not only spells I'm talking about zones quests npcs pets mounts classes and much more. Why are people reporting stuff on the bugtracker and wait hyped for a validate of their report(s) when there is a big chance of getting the same fix bugged again? Why are there bugs that aren't fixed from the release of Pandashan even though hundreds of people reported them? Why does the development team only focus on 1 piority instead of a bit from everything, it's the small things that make people play Firestorm and not always the ones.. When a new player joins the server to see what's going on here and his / her first impressions are bugged quests in low level zones that haven't been taken care for more than 3 years now, that if he kills a mob there is a chance to get stuck in combat untill he / she dies or alt + f4's and then login realizing that she / he is dead due combat and dc? Do you think that only the big fixes will make people stay? I've seen how GM's are asking something like ''Do you preffer that something useful for everyone works, or just a quest that noone does?'' You have a point there, but to be honest that will keep just the old members of firestorm / pandashan keep playing and not bring new population. Before somebody comment and says how stupid I am or that I should be respectful and thankful to what developers try to implement I'd cleary say that I'm playing on Pandashan before 80% of the devs / gms / players nowadays joined. That doesn't make me specialy indeed but I got a pretty good knowledge how this server works same as staff and community, I'm not claiming that it's bad or stupid I'm simply saying what's going on around here nowadays. I know that most of the developers are french and I don't mind their lack in english grammar. But for real now, Dev team you have my respect but honestly, if you try to focus not only on 1 piority everybody including the shop will have benefits. 2) There's a Autoboardcast on all realms ( I think ) that clearly says ''If you find a bug please report it on the Firestorm Bugtracker instead making a ticket to GM's'' or something like this. Let's be honest, the Bugtracker right now is a fucking mess! Just go and check it yourself people from all the realms are making so many fake / false. If my job was to find and validate the valid reports of bugs on the bugtracker I'd search 2 hours minimum just for one. No wonder why developers have trouble with that. Anyway my question is: why nobody deletes false / fake reports ? They're just staying like trash in a conteiner and making issues to the players and devs. 3) Why is the Anti-Cheat system which was brought to Pandashan of old removed? Developers have spent a lot time programming it I guess, also it wasn't money-free for sure. 4) Why is there still combat bug? I mean lol we have Ra den on heroic, cross realm, prideful season, 2-3 bosses in SoO and still the combat bug? For real.. I'm done for now, there are many other things that I'd question but to avoid warning points from a GM I'll stop. Thanks. Bliz.